DIY Cleaning Solutions That Work

cleaning solutions that work

Cleaning is an endless job for a mom. I constantly find myself running around the house scrubbing and cleaning. Cleaning products can be expensive and some of them can even contain harmful chemicals. In my household I try to avoid any unnecessary expenses and definitely avoid things that could harm my family. I have compiled for you some of my favorite budget friendly and effective cleaning DIY cleaning solutions that really work.

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Natural Stain Remover

Use this solution to remove set-in stains on carpet or furniture. It even works on clothes. I have yet to find anything that this solution damages or bleaches. I have used it on several different types of carpet and even suede furniture.

Use Equal Parts Of

  • Baking Soda Powder
  • All Natural Dish Soap or Dawn Dish Soap if you prefer.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (If you still fear bleaching you can substitute with white vinegar. I have yet to have any adverse effects.)

Natural Armpit Stain Remover and White Freshener

Shirts that have been worn over and over again and sweated in sometimes leave unsightly stains. Simply spray the solution onto the shirt or clothing and scrub it in. Lemon juice can also freshen up whites if added into a wash cycle. This is an all natural cleaning solution that really does work!

1 Part – Lemon Juice
1 Part – Water

(Be sure your parts are equal, it works best.)

You can also get rid of armpit and perspiration stains with a salt water soak.

Pour 1/2 cup of salt into your washing machine, allow cold water to fill up above your clothes in the wash. Let the clothes sit for about an hour.

Remove Old Milk Smell From Bottles or Remove Smell From Dishes

If you’re a mom then you know how awful the smell of spoiled or old milk is when it sits in a bottle for too long. Before I knew about this trick I would sometimes throw away old bottles that I thought had little to no hope of getting the smell out of them. Before you toss that bottle or dish out, try this. These are some cleaning solutions that work!

Pour 1/4 cup baking soda into a bowl and mix with enough water to make it into a thick paste. Take a toothbrush or cleaning wand that fits down into the bottle and dip it in the paste. Scrub vigorously around in the bottle until the inside is thoroughly coated. Let it sit for up to an hour. Rinse with hot water and your bottle should be smelling fresh. You can do an additional wash afterwards for added freshness.

Baking soda has several additional uses as well.

  • Put an open box of baking soda into your fridge to absorb odors.
  • Use baking soda paste to scrub counter tops.
  • Sprinkle baking soda into smelly shoes to absorb odor. Shake out afterwards.

Removing Smells and Germs From Bathroom and Surfaces

  • Full strength white vinegar put into a spray bottle can eliminate germs from your counter tops and even bathroom.

Other great uses for vinegar.

  • Deodorize drains by pouring some vinegar down them. Let the vinegar sit in the drain for a 30 minutes up to an hour.
  • Make vinegar ice cubes to put down a smelly garbage disposal.
  • Unclog your drains by sprinkling baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. (solution will fizz) Rinse down with boiling water.
  • To remove room odors, place vinegar in a small bowl and let it sit overnight.

Cleaning Jewelry and Natural Shower Scum Remover

Another great cleaning solution that works, but is often overlooked…coconut oil!

Apply a little bit of coconut oil to a cloth and wipe down your jewelry or silverware. You can also scrub coconut oil on soap scum in your shower to remove it.

Other great coconut oil uses.

  • Rub coconut oil in on hard wood floors and wipe clean with dry cloth. Let the floor completely dry before walking on it as it will be slippery.
  • Use coconut oil on worn out leather furniture to restore it. Wipe the furniture down with a wet cloth then rub coconut oil onto the surface. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Remove Red Wine Stains

Well, as strange as it may sound you can pour white wine onto a red wine stain to counteract it. Blot it up with a dry paper towel until the stain is completely removed.

Natural Glass Cleaner

Make your own natural glass cleaner without harmful ammonia and other harsh chemicals.

Take a spray bottle and fill it with 2 cups of distilled water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and any essential oil drops of your choice for a nice scent. I recommend a citrus scent like lemon. This will dull the vinegar smell.

Use a nice microfiber towel with this mixture to enhance your cleaning results.

Natural Air Freshener

If you want to freshen the air in your home with a lovely aroma then there are a few great methods to try.

Aerosol spray cans contain harmful gasses that can impact our world negatively and increase our carbon footprint.

Try boiling water and adding a few drops of essential oils. Essential oils can have many positive effects on your body as well as freshen your home. Do take care because not all essential oils are appropriate for use around pets.

You also can brew fresh coffee or simply keep a bowl of coffee grounds around to eliminate odor. The coffee grounds can rid your home of strong smells such as garlic.


These are some of the best DIY cleaning solutions that work. All of these ideas are budget friendly as well as. I hope you enjoyed this list and are able to make use of them. Stop spending money on harsh chemical cleaners and substitute them for these basic cleaners that really work.

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Updated On: 1/3/2023

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. I dont currently use DIY cleaning solutions but I havime been wanting to.
    I will try to implement a few of these into my cleaning routine this week.

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