Why Helping Other Bloggers Helps You

why helping other bloggers helps you

It’s hard to pull yourself away from your own world when you are a blogger. You usually have a ton of projects going on at once and it is hard to make time for much else. Something you should really make time for is helping others. It sounds like a fairly simple concept, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t willing to do it. Let me explain why helping other bloggers helps you.

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85% of jobs are filled by networking. Why does that matter? It means people are more likely to hire you or work with you if they know you personally or have heard of you from someone they know. Getting your name and face out into the world can be hard and scary, but it comes with the territory of being a successful blogger.

I am sure you know someone who got a great job or opportunity because of someone they knew. The truth is that this is possible for anyone. Staying secluded and to yourself is not the best way to market yourself or your brand. Especially if you are trying to earn a reliable income.

Collaborating Is Important

Working with other writers and bloggers not only can open up doors, but it can create a stream of traffic to your blog that you did not think was possible. Having outside links on other blogs that lead back to your website is an incredible way to increase page views and total visitors.

How else are you going to achieve this if you never work with anyone else? Brands like to see that you’ve had previous experience working with others. The more you prove yourself to brands, the more likely you are to come by those winning opportunities.

Paying It Forward Has Rewards

The idea of paying it forward is such a great concept. I believe honestly that it works. Being nice to others, answering their questions, taking time to work with people, and being available has such incredible rewards.

I can’t explain to you how much success I’ve had simply due to being open to new ideas and having a willingness to help out. People practically flock to your side of the court when you are friendly. However, not everyone will want to befriend you or even work with you and that is perfectly fine. Being kind and open to the idea of working with others is what matters.

Not Everyone Will Like You

For some people this is hard to accept. It makes them feel bad and like they aren’t good enough. This is simply not true. Trust me when I say that you are completely capable of being successful at blogging.

If I can do it anyone can do it. Not only that, but the worst a brand can ever tell you when you ask to work with them is “No.”. That’s it. It really doesn’t get worse than that. Aside from the occasional internet troll you don’t have much else to worry about. Chances are that you started blogging because you wanted to gain something from it. The freedom to work from home or the ability to have a flexible schedule. Making “everyone” like you is the least of your concern.

What is an inner circle? Your inner circle is your tribe. Your group of people who support you through thick and thin. Everyone needs an inner circle. Once you have created one, the rest really doesn’t matter.

Your Inner Circle Is What Matters Most

You could have 10 thousand followers and not be remotely successful. If you had an inner circle there would only need to be a handful of them to spread the word about how great you are.

Think about it. People who are in your tribe will follow you until the end. You never have to worry about them unsubscribing or forgetting about you. It’s no real secret why helping other bloggers helps you. By networking you can build up your inner circle and start feeling better about yourself.

Everyone Takes Their Own Path

Regardless of what happens we all as bloggers have our own paths to take. No two bloggers will travel the same exact road. There will be similarities, but never an exact replica.

That is why your content is unique. Even if you write about the same subject as someone else you will have your own version. Not everyone arrives at success the same way, but if you help each other out you will arrive nonetheless. This is why helping other bloggers helps you.

What have you done to help other bloggers?

Feel free to let me know in the comments some of your favorite ways to help other bloggers. If someone has helped you out, feel free to mention that too. How did it positively impact you or your blog?

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10 thoughts on “Why Helping Other Bloggers Helps You”

  1. Totally agree. I help people and have people help me too. Same with follows. If a new blogger follows me, I will follow back to show them support. It’s hard when you start out.

    1. Yes it can be hard when you first start blogging. Offering help where it is needed, networking, and creating a great inner circle is the best way to get going with a blog.

  2. I love this post. You are absolutely correct. It’s always beautiful when people help people. Especially here when of course we don’t actually meet in person, but connect through our blogs and our writing. This was a great read!

  3. It is a bit overwhelming and nerve racking at first to start networking. Once you start to allow yourself to do it you will become much more comfortable with it. It is a skill you can gain and work on. I wish you luck!

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