Interactive Craft Activities For Kids That They Will Love!

Keeping kids entertained these days without the use of i-pads, televisions, and apps can be challenging. It is so easy to sit a child down in front of a screen to get a break. A much better alternative I recommend is interactive craft activities for kids that keep their mind and hands busy! My 6 year old loves these craft activities and I think your children will too.

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Rock Painting

This activity is easy and fun to do. You can simply go outside and find suitable rocks to paint or you can purchase a convenient kit. The kit will have everything you need to get started. This particular kit comes as a combo for rock painting and clay molding. So much to do!

Get the Kids Rock Painting Kit right now on Amazon.


Suncatchers are easy to make and can be done in many ways. With adult supervision, kids can arrange beads in a round silicone mold and bake them for a quick suncatcher. You can use tissue paper, painted plastic cutouts and more to make diy suncatchers.

Alternatively, you can get the Window Art kit by Creative Kids which has 24 suncatchers ready to be decorated. The kit also comes with paint and suction cups.

craft activities for kids

Get the Creative Kids Window Art kit right now on Amazon.


Next, we have terrariums. They make for a creative way to allow children to care for something on their own. You can easily build your own terrarium using rocks, pebbles, potting soil, and a glass container.

Simply add a plant or two to the container after you’ve layered it. You can also get a beautiful glowing terrarium kit by Creativity For Kids. This craft activity for kids has everything you need to create a beautiful terrarium that can be decorated and cared for.

craft activities for kids

Get the Creativity For Kids Grow & Glow Terrarium right now on Amazon.

Soap Making

Soap making is a wonderful craft for kids, tweens, and teens. It allows them to create something they can use every day and it certainly gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Melt and pour soap is the best option for beginner soap makers as it doesn’t involve the lye process. If you like you can get a fun soap making kit for kids that makes fun shapes and colors!

craft activities for kids

Get Klutz’s Make Your Own Soap kit right now on Amazon.

Sand Art

Sand art has been a favorite for centuries in many cultures. My daughter and I always enjoy playing with colored sand and we even make our own version of it. To make your own sand to play with you can simply use plain epsom salt and food coloring.

Mix the two ingredients in a ziplock bag together and knead the epsom salt until it absorbs all of the color. You can also purchase Made By Me’s Create Your Own Sand Art kit for everything you need all in one package. It comes with 8 great colors of sand and 6 bottles to fill.

craft activities for kids

Get Made By Me’s Create Your Own Sand Art kit right now on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this list of craft activities for kids!

You can make the crafts all on your own or purchase a kit. Either way, your kids will be having fun exploring their own creativity and expanding their mind. These types of activities build artistic skill and aid in creative brain development. You can’t beat the benefits of craft activities!

If you want to keep your child learning while they play, then you may also be interested in the award winning Green Kid Crafts monthly learning boxes. Developed by educators, these boxes offer scientific learning and environmental awareness all while having fun doing projects. Read more about it in my post here.

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