Microfleur Product Review – Same Day Pressed Flowers

Microfleur Product Review

If you’ve recently broken into the pressed flower scene because of resin or other floral projects, this post is for you. Pressed flowers make gorgeous additions to any work of art, but pressing flowers is SO time consuming. Waiting a week or two for a few pressed flowers that may or may not be up to standard is a little depressing. When I heard about the Microfleur I knew I had to check it out. Let’s get started with the Microfleur product review!

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What is a Microfleur?

I’m glad you asked! Microfleur is a revolutionary flower press kit that utilizes your microwave oven. You can simply pick and press your flowers the same day so you can use them in your projects much sooner!

I know what you’re thinking…there’s no way that could turn out well. That’s why I chose to do this review for you so you can see what all the fuss is about.

What does the Microfleur flower press kit contain?

First, we have the Microfleur box itself. The box is made from a hard durable plastic that is microwave safe.

Inside the kit you will also find two washable/reusable 100% wool pads and two 100% cotton liners.

Also, there is a paper instruction manual included.

How Do You Use The Microfleur?

To use the Microfleur you would need freshly picked or cut flowers that aren’t covered in dew or moisture.

The bottom panel should have a wool pad on top followed by the cotton liner. You then would place the flowers face down onto the liner.

Next, you would lay the second cotton liner on top of the flowers followed by the wool pad.

Finally, you would clamp shut the upper panel of the Microfleur box to press and hold the flowers in place.

Microwaving The Microfleur

The Microfleur comes in two sizes. 5×5 inches or 9×9 inches. Depending on the size of your microwave you would need to choose the best size Microfleur accordingly.

The 9×9 inch Microfleur provides 81 square inches of press room while the 5×5 inch Microfleur provides 25 square inches. Obviously we’d all like the most room to press our flowers, but many people claim that the 9×9 is a bit too big.

Choose the size that best suits the measurements of your microwave.

Test With Short Bursts In The Microwave

Place the Microfleur into the microwave and begin doing quick burst intervals. 15-30 seconds at a time.

It is also recommended to use your imperfect flowers or “test flowers” until you get the timing correct.

Check your flowers after the first burst in the microwave. Carefully peel back the cotton sheet. Your flowers will feel dry and papery if they are finished. If they are not you can place them back in for another round until the desired dryness level.

Be sure to remove any condensation. Be extremely careful with your flowers so you don’t rip them.

All times will be subject to the power of your microwave.

Will My Flowers Lose Their Color In The Microfleur?

According to the Microfleur website, flowers will retain much of their color. However, there are a few details to make note of if you delve further.

In their frequently asked question section, the question, “how long will the color last?” is asked. Microfleur responded by saying that bold colors such as red, yellow, and blue will last up to years and paler shades may fade sooner.

They also go on to say that the paler shades may potentially discolor slightly in the press itself.

After further investigation and reading reviews for the product I found that most people were very satisfied with the color retention of the product if used correctly.

I also found a page of the Microfleur blog that talks about color retention a bit. It states that some reds and blues will possibly turn a mauve color.

It’s safe to say there could be some variance in color, but for the most part it sounds like the color retention is pretty good for most flowers.

Spray The Wool Pads

One thing that I have learned while doing research is that the wool pads need to be damp before microwaving.

According to many reviews by users and Microfleur themselves, the woolen pads can burn in the microwave if the heat is too high.

Using the proper precautions and procedures when microwaving should prevent this.

According to the FAQ on Microfleur’s website they say that the most common reason for pad burning is that the press time was too long. They recommend to lightly mist your pads before starting and never leave your Microfleur heating unattended.

What If The Wool Pads DO Burn?

Several reviewers on Amazon claimed that when they left their Microfleur in the microwave for too long they smelled a bad smell.

Microfleur states on their website that if you smell this odor to open the microwave immediately and use caution when removing the press.

If the pads are melted/burned you can actually purchase replacements with ease.

The Microfleur company mentions that pad burning is not a normal occurrence when the directions are followed. Definitely take your time when using the press.

So, What Are The Pros and Cons Of The Microfleur?


  • Much quicker than traditional flower pressing.
  • Comes in 2 convenient sizes to accommodate your microwave size and amount of flowers you can press.
  • Made of sturdy hard plastic material.
  • Includes instructions with starter pads + liners.
  • Retains the color of most flowers very well.
  • Has decent reviews by most users for being reliable and effective.
  • Can make pressed flowers to use in many craft projects


  • Some color loss can happen to certain flowers.
  • If used improperly you could burn the wool pads it comes with.
  • May be difficult to judge microwave pressing times for certain flowers.
  • Pressing large flowers could be tricky.

The Takeaway

After carefully reviewing everything about the Microfleur I have determined it to be a great way to press flowers.

According to most users it is effective in drying and pressing flowers quickly in the same day. With the Microfleur you no longer have to wait weeks or even months.

While there could be some technical issues like adjusting press times in the microwave, overall it seems like a solid investment.

With reusable components you can virtually use the Microfleur hundreds of times without needing to replace anything. The worst thing you could do is burn the wool pads which seems like a user related error for the most part. They can be easily replaced.

I had also learned that the press paper and wool pads could get stained after prolonged use which seems pretty normal to me and something you should just expect with pressing flowers.

Would I purchase a Microfleur? Absolutely!

If you think a Microfleur would benefit your craft and hobby obsession then you can click here to snag one right now on Amazon!

If you make anything really amazing using your Microfleur I would love to see it! Feel free to send pictures to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the website! Stay happy, healthy, and crafty!

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10 thoughts on “Microfleur Product Review – Same Day Pressed Flowers”

    1. I use this method still and it works like a charm. However this year when all of my cornflowers bloom I would love to have a microfelur to be able to use them quickly. Same day pressing sounds really fun.

  1. This sounds like a great option for anyone that is actively using pressed flowers to make different projects. Especially if you’re trying to do a large number of projects – like those that may be trying to run businesses on Etsy with their finished products. I have a few friends that would love this – I’m going to send your post their way.

    1. You are so right! If I was selling a ton of pressed flower jewelry or trying to expediate my work flow there is no better alternative in my opinion. Especially since the microfleur retains color nicely. It really isn’t compromising but a smart business move!

      Thanks for reading.

  2. This is a genuinely great product for those who bulk press flowers/ for example those that make products with then or make flower art regularly! Thanks for sharing this was a really interesting read x

    1. Yes it really is and of course thank you for taking the time to read about it. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves pressing flowers and I do know several successful creators who use this for their work and love it. I’m glad you enjoyed the read! Thanks again!

    1. It definitely is a great option for crafters who use pressed flowers on a regular basis. Honestly I could see no better way to keep up with a booming business than having something like this. Aside from buying flowers online to use, this seems like the very best way to do things. Thank you so much for reading!

    1. Yes many people have no idea this thing exists and I just had to share my thoughts on it. I love the idea of pressing and saving flowers from my very own flower bed to use in projects. I think it makes them much more special. I can’t wait to use this in the Spring! Thanks for reading!

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