What 2020 Gave Me – My Farewell To The Year

what 2020 gave me

I don’t usually write posts like this, but for the sake of my sanity I think I owe it to myself to talk about it. 2020 was a rollercoaster year for a lot of people. Many people suffered hardships, others dealt with health problems relating to Covid-19. For me personally, it was eye-opening. Here’s what 2020 gave me.

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My mentality about a lot of things changed

I myself have always been a bit of a shut-in and recluse. It’s just a part of my nature. If I had to describe myself in one word I would say “introvert” without hesitation.

My entire life I have found comfort in being a loner and have despised most social situations. I enjoy spending time at home and I love to have a reason not to go out.

With Covid-19 brought a lot of restrictions and changes. Lockdowns and limitations. Someone like me would rejoice in something like that right?

Turns out I actually have mixed feelings about that.

Wanting what you can’t have

It’s exactly like being a child and being told you can only choose one of something. You really want the other thing too!

Here I am thinking that lockdown wouldn’t be so bad. I spend a lot of time at home anyway, right?

Well it turns out after months of restrictions you start to miss being able to go anywhere at any time you want. With as many people as you want…and without a mask.

Who knew the world would change in the blink of an eye? Honestly, did anyone think this is where we would be today?

Things are different now

With hopes of a vaccine on the horizon there is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel, but things have changed.

It’s permanent. You can tell the lasting effects of this virus will ring throughout many years. There’s no way in the world all of these new rules and limitations are going to vanish over night.

That is what shakes me to my core.

Personal contact is all but a thing of the past now. Does it make me happy as a complete introvert? No.


A year ago we had choices. Everyone had the utmost freedoms. You could walk into a store at any time of day without a mask.

We could shake hands with a friend in public. We could have large family gatherings without breaking a rule.

It was our choice to get up and go to any public place we wanted and know what to expect.

2020 took it away. At least that’s how it feels.

I think the saddest thing that happened was that a friend’s father passed away. No one but the immediate family was allowed at the visitation.

It’s unbelievable the things we all took for granted and had no idea.

What did 2020 give me?

Respect for our freedoms. More love and cherishment of my family. And more appreciation of living in a stable environment.

The fact that many went without, lost jobs, loved ones, and felt suffering this year is something I cannot forget. I won’t forget.

It happens all the time, but it was worsened by the unexpected turn of events that Covid-19 brought.

A drive to help others

Undoubtedly what 2020 has gave me as a blogger is a drive to help others. Be it through positive support, charity, encouragement, or knowledge, I just want to help others.

I’ve donated to a handful of causes this year and am hoping to increase that going into 2021. The world needs generosity more than ever.

I also want to help moms like me learn how to build a stable career from home or at least add additional streams of income to their lives.

2020 gave me my first feeling of success

I have to admit that 2020 was not what I expected in just about every way. The fact that I found the most success with my blog than ever before was a wonderful surprise.

Going into 2021 I am going to harness that power and strive to go onward and upward. Hopefully I can help others like me along the way do the same.

I’ve made over 1000 sales as an affiliate marketer and that is just astounding to me.

I gained my first ad revenue and I even managed to sell my own products.

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My blog has reached the peak of traffic and I really have no words to describe how I feel about all of this. Other than I just am immensely proud that my hard work has finally paid off.

2020 gave me lots of great new connections and friendships

If there is one thing I am happy for the most is all of the great connections and friendships I have made this year.

I am happy to have found so many great people who share my interests and are bloggers as well.

I appreciate each and every one of them as well as my faithful readers.

Truly I hope that 2021 brings me even more wonderful friendships and opportunities.

End word

What 2020 gave me is a lot honestly. More than I ever realized until it is finally nearing the end.

If I have one word of advice for anyone who is struggling during this time it would be “never give up”. I can’t imagine each and every difficult situation, but I do know that even from rock bottom the only way left to go is back up.

Become your own best work of art. Ever evolving, ever changing, and ever growing.

May everyone remain happy and healthy this year and the next.

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8 thoughts on “What 2020 Gave Me – My Farewell To The Year”

  1. I love how we’re learning to be thankful about 2020 despite its odds. This post really helped me accept that 2020 wasn’t such a bad year afterall. Many many congratulations on the 1000 sales and all the blog traffic. Hoping you have an amazing year ahead xx

  2. I also got some positive lessons and experiences out of 2020, despite all the restrictions. I will defintely have a new appreciation for freedom once we are allowed to go out and gather with friends again! xx

  3. Yes! The opportunity to have the choice to stay home really makes all the difference. A lot of people told me that this should be easy for me because I was already working from home… But I was working from home because I chose to. Just like I could choose to go work at my favourite coffee shop when I wanted to get out of the house! Take that choice away and suddenly I feel trapped lol

    1. Exactly! The ability to just walk into a place without a plan really went out the window. It is strange to feel like this. Having a choice is something we all take for granted without realizing. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I completely agree with you about the future. Even when the pandemic is officially “over,” life is not going to go back to the way it was before. In some ways that can be good, like if people are more aware and conscious of touching things in public places. But I also can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever be able to hug each other in public again?

  5. I would have loved to have woken up on January 1st with life back as we knew it but that was never going to happen. It’s lovely to read your thoughts and achievements of last year!

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