10 Ways You Can Market Your Craft Products To Sell

More and more people are making crafts and taking up hobbies than ever before! That means there are a ton of products out there floating around. You may be wondering how you can market your craft products to sell and how you can make them stand out among the crowd. In this post I’ll be giving you 10 ways you can market your craft products online.

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Create A Facebook Business Page

If you want your products to be taken seriously I highly recommend making a Facebook Business Page for it.

This way, friends, family, and anyone else interested can like your page and follow it for updates.

Be sure to showcase your latest lineup of products with great pictures and descriptions.

Be sure to brand your page with your logo and business name. You can create free images and logos with Canva.

Create An Etsy Shop

Etsy is one of the top online storefronts for crafts and handmade creations. Having an Etsy shop makes you look much more professional and trustworthy.

Be sure to fill out your profile entirely. Add your logo, business name, and plenty of descriptive information so everyone knows what your shop is all about.

Take well lit photos of your products from multiple angles so the customer knows exactly what they are getting.

Link your Etsy shop on your FB business page and also join Etsy seller pages on FB. There you can easily showcase your products and share them with a community of people with similar interests.

Post On Twitter

Twitter is another great place to find your ideal audience and buyer. Be sure to link your products here regularly as well as any promotional deals you may be having.

Use relevant hashtags to your products. Join sales threads with other crafters to share your products and have them retweeted.

Be sure to pin your most important product tweet to the top of your page so it can be shared and viewed by your followers.

Add a link to your Etsy shop in your Twitter bio as well.

Pin On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of your most valuable assets as a crafter. Here you can link your Etsy shop listing directly as a pin.

These listings will show up in the search if your product is relevant to certain keywords.

Be sure to use a great description and title for your pin. Add an image that best depicts your product.

Enable rich pins so your pin will display the price of your item as well as other details.

This will give any potential buyers the information they need to move forward with the purchase.

Create An Ad

Never underestimate the power of a well placed ad. If you’re confident in your copywriting ability or product you should definitely try making an ad for it.

Pinterest and Facebook have some of the most affordable ads in my opinion although I do not use them very much.

Often times as a beginner you can get free ad spend (money for ads) from Facebook or Pinterest for completing certain actions.

Of course weigh your options before taking out an ad. Make sure that if you sell that you will be making more than the cost of the ad itself.

If you find that ads are not helping you at all then simply cancel your campaign.

Make A Website

What’s more professional than an actual website? If you are passionate about selling products you can create your very own.

If you want to get serious about your products then snag your own domain from Bluehost.

They offer affordable domains so you can start growing your brand. Easily check if the domain name you want is available by using the Bluehost tool below.

Create Business Cards

You can easily create business cards that offer all of the essential information about your brand and products.

Be sure to add your name and website along with your email address so potential customers can contact you easily.

If you ask around you may find that local businesses will allow you to leave your cards on their counter or bulletin board for people to pick up if they like.

You also can distribute them to friends and family as well as send a business card with each package you send out.

I highly recommend using Canva to design business cards. They even offer a printing service for convenience.

Use Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to showcase products and provide links to your latest works of art.

If you are looking for ways you can market your craft products to sell then you definitely need to check into Insta.

Create stories daily to keep your audience engaged by telling them about new products or future products.

Be sure to highlight your best works of art and make them easily accessible.

You can even try doing an Instagram live so you can speak directly to your followers and potential customers. Be sure to leave a link to your shop in your bio as well.

Have A Giveaway

One of the greatest ways to attract new customers is to host a giveaway. You can set up a promotional giveaway any way you like.

Have them subscribe to your website for entries, follow you on Twitter, like your FB page or all of the above.

Make sure your rules are clear and fair. If you are able to do giveaways regularly or even monthly you would stand to gain a lot of interest in your products and brand.

People love the idea of free things and are more willing to purchase from someone who offers them value without paying.

Network With Bloggers/Influencers

Maybe you think this is something only the big brands do, but you would be surprised to know that small businesses are doing this every single day!

Start a dialog with popular bloggers and influencers. Offer them free products in exchange for a sponsored post to their audience.

Working with someone who has a further reach than you is a great way to market your craft products to sell.

You may be skeptical about sending free products to someone, but make sure that they are on the up and up. Ask about stats and other brands they have worked with.

Many bloggers have a media kit they can quickly provide that showcases brands they have worked with previously. If it seems shady then simply move on to someone else.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 ways you can market your craft products to sell!

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways You Can Market Your Craft Products To Sell”

    1. Yes Instagram is a great place to host giveaways! I see them there quite a bit. It is not only fun for the buyers, but it gives the seller a chance to really show off their work and hopefully get more business! Thank you for reading and commenting Suchita!

  1. I usually recommend having a website. You can definitely start an Etsy account and FB page, but those can be taken away at any time. A few of my clients have a WordPress site and an Etsy plugin to embed their shop on the website too. A few others use both their WordPress site, with WooCommerce, and then Etsy.

  2. You are so right! A website can be a central hub for all kinds of other sales platforms. I highly recommend anyone with a business to make one. It is pretty essential these days!

  3. I love networking Shyla. What a fab way to help folks and to prosper too. Blog commenting and Twitter are my two favorite channels for networking, engaging, having fun making friends and everything grows from there.


    1. It really does pay to engage and network with other bloggers. You never know what friendship or relationship could help along your career or even boost someone else’s! It’s really fun to work together to reach goals. Thanks for your awesome comment Ryan!

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