10 Amazing Clay Ring Ideas To Make And Sell Online

10 amazing clay ring ideas to make and sell online

Looking to create an amazing clay ring to sell online, but are short on inspiration? Clay rings are growing in popularity so it would be a great bandwagon to hop on. Polymer clay is an extremely fun and versatile art medium to work with. It is considered beginner friendly and many crafters love to use it!

Check out these 10 amazing clay ring ideas to build your inspiration so you can start making and selling your own clay statement jewelry online! Let’s take a look!

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Are You A Polymer Clay Beginner?

If you are brand new to making polymer clay rings and really want to learn the basics then I highly recommend you check out my post: How To Make Lovely Clay Rings To Sell Online

This post will show you everything you need to know to get started with clay ring making. It guides you through the process including everything from tools and ring sizing to selecting the correct clay and making a basic ring.

Flowery Clay Rings

I have to start with one of my personal favorite clay ring designs. Flowery rings! These are so dainty and beautiful. Making this type of ring could take some time and effort, but the end result is gorgeous.

Hand eye coordination is key to making something so intricate, but with practice you could create something similar. You can’t deny the beauty in this design by FlowerFoxAccessories.

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Fruit Inspired Scented Clay Rings

Do I need to explain why this clay ring is amazing? Imagine being able to smell juicy watermelon all day while wearing this fashion jewelry piece. When I first heard about this kind of ring I was in disbelief.

Like first of all, why haven’t I heard of a scented ring before now? A lot of love goes into a piece like this and it really is an amazing design idea. This piece is created by Decadent Minis.

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Animal Shaped Clay Rings

Another of my absolute favorite clay ring styles! Animal shaped! These come in so many adorable designs from foxes to froggies. If you’re an animal lover then you could definitely get inspired by this design.

I have noticed that a lot of artists are making adjustable rings, but I have also noticed other types of designs. Some go full circle and others are wrap arounds that do not full close. Regardless, this fox ring by NiOuiNinouche is so lovely.

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Chunky Clay Rings

These rings are becoming a huge fashion statement lately. What’s not to love? They’re handcrafted and quite eye-catching with their larger domed look.

Chunky clay rings are quite popular on Etsy and I absolutely love the looks that NotJustAShopStudio has created. These are simple yet well crafted designs that demand to be noticed.

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Textured Clay Rings

I really love these textured clay rings by bbppdesigns. These are such a simple design and of course you could create your own creative textures using patterned rollers or any kind of stamp.

The sky is the limit when it comes to making different kinds of textures for your clay rings. You can go as creative or as simplistic as you like.

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Faceted & Gilded Clay Rings

This design by Poppytalk is incredible. With this piece they’ve created dimension in addition to a shiny and gilded appearance. This ring is so unique and dazzling although relatively simplistic in style.

You could create your own version of this using liquid gilding and making good use of your clay sculping tools.

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Colorful Hand Painted Clay Rings

Vibrant and unique is exactly how I would describe these hand painted clay rings by CassRachal. Just looking at these rings you can see how much room for creativity there is when it comes to polymer clay.

You can use a variety of colored clay as well as paints to make your rings really stand out like these little beauties!

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Stripes & Dots

While these are a quite simple design I find them to be extremely charming and stylish! I love the gold and black against the white base on this particular ring set by ArtsybyTia.

There are so many cute designs you could come up with using stripes and dots. You could even make animal prints!

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Faux Granite Clay Rings

Looking to make a faux granite ring? This ring by FallForDIY is incredible. Using clay that is already made to look like granite you can create your own special design.

Who knew there were clays that already had this kind of texture ready to go? This means so many possibilities to be creative. These rings turned out so pretty!

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Neon Clay Rings

I bet these would look outrageous under a black light. These neon colors really scream Summer which I personally can’t wait for. I love the idea of a squiggly ring like the ones here by bbppdesigns.

If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece then look no further. These are real eye catchers.

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Did you find inspiration from these awesome creators?

Polymer clay is one of the most amazing things to work with. You literally can create anything you can think of in any design or color and make it happen.

Create clay rings that are unique to you or represent your brand! Have you made a clay ring recently? Feel free to send pics over to sincer[email protected] for a chance to be featured on the website!

Need Polymer Clay Supplies To Get Going?

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    1. Yes I really love that design and the fact that it is scented. That is so much fun! I am glad you took the time to check out my post!

    1. You absolutely could make any animal you could think of! What’s great is you can actually use the color of clay you want and add a glaze coating for a finished glossy/painted look! You don’t have to worry about scratching off the color because the color is made into the piece. As for acrylic painted polymer clay it would be quite durable especially with a glaze coating.

      Although with any clay piece it is recommended not to get it into water because water can greatly distort it. Great question and thanks for reading!

  1. That little fox ring is absolutely precious. I never thought of looking at clay rings as a way to give a unique and personal gift, but now I’m thinking that I need to start looking into some options! I wonder if I can find a turtle one for a turtle-loving friend of mine… I’m sure that there’s one out there!

    1. I am sure that there is a great Etsy crafter out there that makes clay turtle rings. I definitely would try looking there! I am really excited checking out all of the clay rings and jewelry on Etsy lately!

    1. I know! I really love those and especially the watermelon ring. I can’t get over how it is scented and would smell like watermelon all day. Thanks for checking out my post!

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