DIY Easter Bunny Pop-Out Paper Craft

diy easter bunny pop out paper craft

I love when the holidays come around so I can come up with some fun new crafts. This one is simple and uses very basic supplies. My daughter and son liked it because the bunny actually pops right out! Let’s hop right into this DIY Easter bunny pop-out paper craft for kids!

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Supplies You Will Need To Start Your DIY Easter Craft

  • 2 Pieces Of Green Construction Paper
  • 2 Pieces of Yellow Construction Paper
  • 1 Sheet Of Pink Felt
  • Hot Glue (This step requires adult supervision)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors

First you just want to lay down your first piece of green construction paper horizontally, or as my elementary teachers always called it “hamburger style”.

Anyway, we are going to fold the paper like this so that it opens like saloon doors for the bunny to pop out.

Drawing The Bunny

If there’s one thing I am not amazing at it’s drawing. So this is a very basic bunny drawing and I will explain how I did it in easy steps. You also can probably figure it out by the picture.

  • Draw an egg shaped circle for the face. Larger at the bottom and smaller at the top. Just like an egg.
  • Add two flower petal shapes coming from the top of the head for the ears. Do the same shape for the inside of the ear.
  • Draw an upside down triangle shape in the center of the face circle. Make rounded edges for the triangle rather than pointy.
  • Then draw an anchor like mouth attached to the nose you drew. Add 3 lines on each side for whiskers
  • The eyes are simple as you just have to glue them on!

Alternative Option To Drawing The Felt Bunny Face

If you’re adamant about not drawing the bunny face you can easily print out a paper bunny face online to cut out. I used felt and drew the bunny because the felt was fuzzy and pink.

You can use construction paper or any other light material to make the bunny face as well.

Making The Spring For The Pop-Out Easter Bunny

All I did for this step was take two pieces of yellow construction paper and lay them on top of each other vertically. Known to my elementary school teachers as “hotdog style”.

Fold the two papers over from left to right until they become one skinny yet thick piece of construction paper. The paper needs to be more thick to support the weight of the felt bunny and make him pop.

I suspect if you use a light material like regular printer paper or construction paper the spring wouldn’t need to be as thick.

Glue the paper together so that it can’t separate from itself.

Now, fold the one long skinny piece of yellow construction paper like an accordion until it becomes spring-like.

Decorate The Front Of Your Paper Easter Bunny “Door”

You can adorn the front of your paper Easter Bunny door any way you like. When I made ours it was actually past my daughter’s bedtime so we didn’t get to spend quite as much time decorating as we both would have liked.

We settled for “Happy Easter” written in crayon. How festive!

You can draw tulips, butterflies, add glitter, draw eggs, or do anything you like with the front of your door.

Glue Down The Paper Spring & Felt Bunny For Your DIY Easter Craft

First open up your green bunny doors and glue down one end of the yellow construction paper spring to the paper.

Then simply glue the bunny face to the other end of the spring.

Take your other piece of green construction paper and cut it down to the size of the middle section of the bunny pop-out door.

Then use that piece of paper and cut triangles into it to resemble grass. Lightly glue only the very bottom of the grass piece at the very bottom under the bunny.

This piece is to cover the bunny very lightly so that when he pops out he can look like he is coming out of the grass.

It’s optional, but I thought it was fun.

Now Your DIY Easter Bunny Pop-Out Craft For Kids Is Complete!

All that is left to do after that is to load up your bunny. Press him down to the paper and close the bunny doors. Hold the doors closed with your fingers or add your own fastener to keep it shut.

Let go of the doors and your bunny should pop right out at you! My 1 year old thought it was funny so that was an immediate success.

I hope you get to try this really simple DIY Easter Bunny paper craft!

Let me know in the comments if you gave it a try! Also if you have your very own favorite DIY Easter Bunny craft feel free to tell me about it!

You can even send pictures in by email for a chance to be featured on the website!

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