Resin 3D Printer That Is Absolutely Amazing

Resin 3D Printer That Is Absolutely Amazing

Hi guys! In this post I’ll be talking about a resin 3D printer that is absolutely amazing. Before we delve right in, I have to say thank you to some of my readers who brought this device to my attention.

If you’re a new reader of mine I have to just say that I love resin and working with it so much! When I learned about this resin 3D printer I was in complete shock at the crafting potential.

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3D Printing Has Existed Long Before Most of Us Realized

We are no strangers to the fact that 3D printing exists, but have you ever stopped to consider how long it has been around?

3D printing was actually invented in 1986 by a man named Chuck Hull. His invention took an idea and turned it into something that would later gain momentum and drive 3D printing into the future.

3D printing went from being a breakthrough in manufacturing parts to innovating the medical industry and even being used privately at home.

What are some uses of resin 3D printing?

In the medical world 3D printing is used to make prosthetics, surgical tools, and even anatomical models. 3D printing is paving the way for many advancements in the way healthcare is provided.

In the manufacturing world 3D printing is used in aerospace technologies and many types of products. 3D printing has even been used to make houses!

For personal use, many creators look to resin 3D printers to make models, figurines, art, action figures, and so much more! The sky is the limit with 3D printing.

How Does a Resin 3D Printer Work?

Also known as stereolithography, 3D printing is essentially the process of taking very thin layers of curable material (such as resin) and allowing it to be hardened by UV light.

Of course, 3D printing is much more complex than that but that is the very gist of it.

As complex as these machines are they are constantly evolving to be more precise and effective for personal use.

Imagine being able to create almost any object, figure, or design you’ve ever wanted at the palm of your hands!

Let’s Talk About the ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X Resin 3D Printer

This machine is certainly complex and incredible. However, it can be used by virtually anyone and is beginner friendly.

This machine prides itself in being one of the most accurate and stable 3D printers for private use on the market with minimal setup required.

What Does ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X Resin 3D Printer Include?

  • Resin 3D Printer
  • Platform
  • Resin Vat
  • Spatula
  • Tool Kit
  • Funnel
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • USB Drive
  • Power Adaptor/Cord
  • WiFi Antenna
  • User Manual

This printer gives you a ton of bang for your buck and creating power right at your fingertips.

What Are Some Important Features Of the ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X Resin 3D Printer ?

  • Speed – This Resin 3D printer can print at some impressive speeds of up to 60mm per hour. This is very quick comparable to many other 3D printing technologies out there.
  • USB Connectivity – Connect the resin 3D printer to your computer with the ANYCUBIC Photon workshop.
  • Touch Screen – Easy control with an intuitive touch screen feature.
  • Easy Assembly – Many users of this particular printer claim it is very simple to put together even for beginners. Simply follow the instructions within the user manual.
  • UV Cooling System – Longer lasting life as a result of an impeccable cooling system.
  • Larger Dimensions – ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X 3D printer is spacious.

Does making your own 3D models of virtually anything spark your interest?

Specs and Dimensions

You may be wondering a little more in depth about the specs and dimensions that ANYCUBIC Photo Mono X features. Here are more of those specifics.

  • Weight ~ 10.75kg
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen.
  • Light source is a high-quality filament with a wavelength of 405nm.
  • Power: 120 W
  • Layer Resolution is 0.01-0.15mm.
  • XY Resolution is 0.050mm 3840×2400(4K)
  • Z Axis Resolution is 0.01mm.
  • Build Volume is 192mm length x 120mm width x 245mm height.
  • Printer Size is 270mm length x 290mm width by 475mm height.
  • System is ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X

What kind of resin will I need for this 3D printer?

When it comes to 3D printers it is best to consider the specific resin that the manufacturer recommends. In this case this 3D printer requires 405nm UV resin.


Let’s list some more of the top-notch pros to owning one of these powerful machines.

  • High quality prints due to new matrix design that allows for uniform UV light energy.
  • Z axis with high performance stability. This means much less layer shifting.
  • ANYCUBIC App for remote control features that allow you to control, check progress, and adjust print settings.
  • Safety feature can be used to turn off the machine if the top is removed.
  • Relatively sturdy construction.
  • 1 month free exchange or return if you encounter any problems.


Here is a list of some cons that could come along with owning this 3D printer.

  • Resin sold separately although this is common for many models.
  • Some assembly required.
  • May be too high of price for some.
  • Some fragile parts.


There is a lot to take in about this machine. Overall, I am pretty impressed with the performance and specs. I’ve gone over many reviews of the product both good and bad and it seems to me if you follow the instructions, you will enjoy this product.

The assembly seems like something that anyone could do, and the operation has been made very simple since it comes with the proper software and USB connection.

While I agree that this price seems pretty steep, I think that this type of machine could be a great investment for any crafter.

I think overall that the positives outweigh the negatives. The fact that this machine can make 3D printing accessible at home is phenomenal.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself or buy the ultimate gift for someone you know this is a worthwhile purchase in my opinion.

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