10 Large Silicone Resin Molds You’ll Love

Happy belated New Year to all my readers! Resin projects are still very popular this year, and I have compiled a list of ten fantastic large silicone resin molds that you’ll love. If you prefer larger resin projects, you’re not alone. Crafting something grand like a lamp or wall decoration can be rewarding. Here are ten great large silicone resin molds you should try out.

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Bigger Can Be Better

Do you prefer larger resin projects to challenge yourself with? You’re not alone in feeling that way. Small crafts like keychains and jewelry are fun, but creating something extravagant like a lamp or wall decoration can also be nice and rewarding.

#1. Large Silicone Hexagon Mold

These large silicone resin molds are great for preserving florals from special occasions like weddings or proms. Many people also like to use them as picture frames or bookends. The sky is the limit to what you can do with this mold, but its hexagonal shape makes it unique and perfect for a multitude of resin crafts.

#2. Large Silicone End Table Mold

With this mold you can make a small end table, coffee table, or charcuterie board! This large silicone mold is great for beginner river table makers. This mold is 15.7 inches so it is the perfect size for end tables as well. If you want to try your hand at a new large project why not give this square silicone resin mold a go?

#3. Extra Large Silicone River Table Mold

This resin mold is very big and perfect for large projects. You can design your own custom resin table top which are actually quite desirable and can be sold for top dollar. If you want to try something not only large but huge then this is the mold you want. A mold this size could be used to make visually incredible resin projects using florals and pigments.

4. Large Cylinder Resin Lamp Mold

I love resin lamps! They are so much fun to make and with this large silicone cylinder mold you can make your very own. Resin lamps make amazing focal points for any room in the house. These also can be used to make night lights for children. I highly recommend making a resin lamp if you love resin crafts because it’s a rewarding craft that you can keep and use for a long time. Resin lamps are even great to sell like many other resin crafts!

5. Large Silicone Pyramid Mold

This is a top favorite for many resin artists and beginners. Pyramid molds with layered colors and florals are often sold at craft fairs and on Etsy. These also make nice lamps with fairy lights. I use a resin pyramid lamp as my personal bedroom nightlight! If you want to make something unique and experiment with resin casting, then this is a great mold for you to try.

6. Large Silicone Resin Cutting Board Mold

Resin cutting boards often turn out to be so beautiful. These make lovely kitchen decor and perfect gifts as well. This is a great beginner resin mold to try to practice wave techniques and experiment with alcohol inks. The sandy beach and water look is quite popular and fun to try.

7. Large Silicone Resin Picture Frame Mold

These large molds are perfect for customizing and decorating. They are perfect for dorms, bedrooms, or living rooms. They make great gifts for Mother’s Day or a surprise birthday. Photos are sentimental and hold valuable memories. A custom picture frame makes those memories and moments much more special. Like any resin craft, you could make these and even sell them for profit on popular sites like Etsy!

8. Large Silicone Crystal Tower Mold

Crystal resin molds are beautiful but these steal the show. These are perfect for displaying florals, gemstones, and more. These make incredible focal points for any room and brighten your desk or display case. If you have something unique to make for a craft fair or sell in your Etsy shop, these could be a go-to!

9. Large Silicone Resin Rectangle Mold

These large rectangular molds are perfect for preservation of florals and creating dioramas. This versatile shaped mold can be used to make many unique works of art and can be displayed in pretty much any way you can think of. Use them as paper weights or shelf decor. These are excellent large resin molds to practice working with for beginners.

10. Large Silicone Resin Key Box Mold

I absolutely adore this design. With this mold you can make your very own key box to hang on the wall to hold your keys and keychains. This makes for a lovely gift or simple entry decoration. This is something that can be used time and time again. Crafts with a purpose are always much more special so I highly recommend this mold.

Did you love this list of large silicone resin molds?

I hope this list inspires you to create. Whether you did or didn’t, I hope this list at least inspires you to get out there and create. There are so many fascinating molds out there to try, and new ones are always coming on the market. If these large molds aren’t what you’re looking for perhaps you’d like to check out 10 more awesome resin molds in this post.

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Happy Crafting!

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