About sincere mommy


My name is Shyla and I’m a stay at home mom. In my spare time…if I have any 😅, I like to make crafts of all kinds and other fun stuff!

I wasn’t always crafty nor was I especially talented. Over the years I decided to try out a few new hobbies and it turned out I really enjoyed them!

The tagline of my site says it all really. “Crafting, laughing, and learning”. I always strive to learn about new things and when I do I like to share them with others. You can look forward to that! The laughing part? I’d venture to say I have a pretty good sense of humor. Humor makes things more enjoyable even in the worst of situations.

Like when I tried to melt beads in the oven and they didn’t actually melt but just filled my house with a terrible smell. No, I’m not perfect. Far from it!

If we can’t have a laugh about ourselves then who can we laugh at, right? Keep in mind when you visit my blog you will often find new crafts I’ve made, tutorials, DIY’s, and things to keep you busy in your spare time. Like me, I’m sure you have a lot going on!

About The Blog

I created this blog in 2018 without a clue about what I was doing. I had no real goal other than I wanted to work from home.

Skip forward to today and I am fulfilling my dream. Little by little my blog has grown from a simple positive space for moms to a haven of crafts and learning for all to enjoy. From resin crafts to candles, Cricut projects to kiddie crafts – there is always something new!

I also like to share blogging tips and advice to mom’s like me who are wanting to start a blog of their own. After 3 years as a blogger I have learned quite a bit and love to teach others what I know.

I will upload freebies and printable to my Freebies & Printable page periodically. These are typically resources you can use to improve your blog, plan, or learn something new.

That being said, I hope you will frequent my website regularly and sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch. My newsletters are typically about new things I am up to on my blog and anything I think you will find interesting.

Contact Information

If you feel that you may have a PR or marketing opportunity that fits well for the Sincere Mommy site and you’d like to work with me. Email me at: [email protected]