Learn How To Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again

Learn how to make cricut mats sticky again

Chances are that if you’ve owned a Cricut you know that the grip mats can get dirty and less sticky over time. Do not fear. It is possible to get the stickiness back and save you a little bit of $ in the long run. Without further ado let’s move on and learn how to make Cricut mats sticky again.  

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Clean Your Mat First 

Seems like a no brainer, but cleaning these mats can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools for the job. There are several different cleaning methods that you can try. The method you should use may vary depending on the grip level of your Cricut mat.  

Note: Cricut has a one year warranty from the date of purchase. I suggest reading the warranty before you restick your mats. I personally found no text suggesting the resticking of your mats will void the warranty, but be sure to exercise common sense when reapplying adhesive. 

Cleaning Methods

  • Wash with lukewarm soapy water. Ensure that the soap you are using does not have lotion or moisturizer in it. Soaps with lotion or moisturizer will hinder your efforts to restore stickiness. 
  • Try fragrant/lotion free baby wipes. Many people have had success with this simple method.
  • Use a Scotch Brite 3M lint roller. If you have fuzz or hair on your Cricut mat this is a simple way to remove it without scraping or damaging the mat. 
  • Alcohol Wipes (For more aggressive dirt and particles.) 

If the adhesive is built up and covered in a ton of junk and dirt you can use Duck brand adhesive remover or something similar. Some people prefer Elmer’s Sticky Out adhesive remover. Basically you do not want an adhesive remove that is too caustic.

If it is too aggressive it may remove the top layer of your mat. I prefer Duck brand because it has a built in scraper on the cap. You could use something like an old gift card or plastic scraper to scrape your mat as well.

*Warning* Do not scrape so hard that you cut into the mat. 

I’ve Removed The Stickiness. How Do I Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again?

 To make your cricut mats sticky again you can use several methods. Before you try any of them, be sure to put tape around the edges of your mat. You do not want to get adhesive on the outer edges that may interfere with your Cricut’s rollers. 

I personally prefer blue painter’s tape for this specific job. It comes off easily. However, you can use any masking tape. Be sure not to use a tape that won’t be hard to remove such as duct tape.  

To reapply adhesive you can try any number of adhesive products. I have a few suggestions of adhesives to use listed below. I highly recommend Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over Glue because it has durability compared to some glues that wear off quickly and stop being sticky over time. Be sure that you wait for any adhesive to dry before using the newly sticky mat in your machine. 

Adhesives To Use

  • Aleene’s Tack It Over And Over Glue  
  • Scotch Restickable Glue Stick 
  • Elmer’s Repositionable Glue 
  • Krylon All Purpose Spray Adhesive 

You can experiment with different adhesives to see which one fits your needs the best. Again be sure to let your mat dry. If the mat is not sticky enough you may apply an additional coat. 

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tack it

Be sure to test out your mat with a small amount of material. If your mat is too sticky and rips the material you are working with you can reduce stickiness by laying a cloth or clean t-shirt on the mat and peeling it off until you reach the desired level of stickiness.  

Cricut Mats Seem To Be The Most Durable 

I have heard from a few crafters like myself that they find Cricut mats to be much more durable with longer lasting stickiness than many other cutting mats. Always be sure to read reviews and comments from other crafters as they often have good advice to offer about craft supplies. 

I hope this post helps you in your endeavors to make your Cricut mats sticky again. Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback on how this works for you or if you have any recommendations or suggestions that can help out other crafters.  

Have a delightful day and happy crafting!

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