Fitness Support Systems: Benefits and Tips for Busy Moms

fitness support systems benefits and tips for busy moms

Being a mom leaves little time for things like fitness. After all, looking after your kids, managing the house, and doing your work can be hard to balance, so adding fitness to the mix makes it even more challenging. Still, it may be one of your goals if you want to lose any weight you’ve gained after childbirth. You may have even gotten back into exercising after having a baby but found it too hard as a busy mom. This can stress you out and cause more weight gain, preventing you from reaching your goals.

This is why we advised finding a support system for moms who want to achieve better fitness. Though we note that doing so can help boost your self-confidence when it comes to exercising, it actually has more benefits to offer. Keep reading to find out and discover tips to find your fitness support system:

The benefits of fitness support systems for busy moms.


Getting into fitness as a mom can be hard. Your body has undergone specific changes—like gaining weight—so you may not see results immediately, discouraging you from reaching your fitness goals.

Having a fitness support system can help you during these times because many people will remind you why you started. This way, you’ll remain motivated despite your struggles.


As a busy mom, it can be tempting to skip your workout to do other things since you have limited free time. It’s also easier to eat what your kids want to eat—like deep-fried foods—instead of preparing your own healthy meals, hindering your fitness.

Fitness support groups regularly check in with one another to ask about fitness progress, workouts, or eating plans that they’re trying. By doing so, they’ll keep you accountable and help you stay fit.

Emotional support

Fitness and losing weight can be frustrating, especially when you struggle to finish workouts or stick to your diet. This could make you turn to coping mechanisms, like emotional eating. Research on obesity and the brain reveals that some eating triggers are emotion-based, leading to overeating.

This is caused by hormones like the melanin-concentrating hormone that regulates food intake and stress. When stressed—especially as a busy mom—you may overeat and reverse your fitness progress. A fitness support group provides emotional support by listening to your struggles and giving healthier coping methods.

How busy moms can find a fitness support system

Join a weight loss group

Weight loss groups are where you’ll meet like-minded individuals—like other busy moms—who also want to get fit and lose weight. Because of this, it’ll be easier to form bonds and support each other as you reach your goals. A simple search for “weight loss groups near me” will help you find workshops where you can access expert coaching and community support, both of which can benefit your fitness journey. Even better, there are in-person and virtual workshops to meet your needs as a busy mom.

If you can’t leave the house because of your baby, you can join the virtual sessions to still receive weight loss advice and support. By joining a weight loss group, you’ll find the right support that meets your needs as a busy mom.

Find a fitness buddy

If you’re not ready to join a weight loss group and share your fitness struggles, you can get support from just one person. Finding an exercise partner helps you stay committed, pushes you to work harder, and reduces the stress you feel over your fitness journey. If they know you personally, they can remind you how staying fit will benefit you when you’re close to quitting.

You can look for fitness buddies among your friends or siblings, or on social media fitness groups, where you might find another mom with similar goals! With a fitness buddy to work out and eat with you, you can keep each other accountable and stay on track toward better fitness.

Fitness and weight loss can be difficult for busy moms. With perseverance, patience, and your very own support system, you’ll surely reach your fitness goals at the right time.

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