Diaper Bag Essentials

diaper bag essentials

For a first time mom it can be overwhelming to decide what is absolutely necessary to pack in your diaper bag. There are a few key items you will find that you cannot live without. Instead of finding out the hard way, let me give you some tips on some of the best diaper bag essentials.

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The Essentials


The most obvious item of all. Never assume that you have enough diapers in your diaper bag. There have been many times when I have thrown an enormous amount of diapers in my diaper bag assuming I would never run out. The moral of the story is never assume. Double check your diaper bag before you leave the house. Avoid a terrible and potentially messy situation by being prepared.

Baby Powder

Your baby’s bottom will thank you for remembering this diaper bag essential. I personally prefer cornstarch based baby powder. It is natural and less harmful. After each diaper change be sure to sprinkle a little bit of powder so that any moisture will be dried up. Diaper rash can occur quickly if your baby is left damp.

Baby Wipes

These are a must have hands down. Baby wipes are an essential item to have when your baby gets messy from head to toe. If you forget to pack these you will quickly regret it. I prefer all natural baby wipes that aren’t scented. Baby wipes that are scented heavily sometimes lead to irritation or rashes.

Extra Outfits

Again something that is so simple and seemingly obvious, but easily forgotten. You just never know when an accident will occur when you have a baby. Messy food, messy diapers, and playing can often lead to ruined outfits. Be sure to pack an extra pair of everything. I cannot count the amount of times that I sent my baby to the babysitter and they thanked me for packing an extra shirt or pair of pants.

Changing Pad

You never know when or where you are going to have to change your baby. For the instances when there is no changing table available it is wise to invest in a portable changing pad that fits in your diaper bag. There is nothing like being stranded somewhere different and needing to change your baby due to an explosive diaper. You will thank yourself for packing it.

Bio-degradable or Plastic Baggies

Perhaps there isn’t a rest-stop for miles and you had to use your handy dandy changing pad to change a diaper. Where are you going to put it? Seal up stinky diapers until the next waste basket in a convenient baggy. Baggies are also good for packing snacks or small items that you don’t want to get lost.


Be sure to pack extra bottles. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding be sure to keep a bottle or two handy when you pack up. It is always wise to have a backup bottle in case you accidentally leave one somewhere.

Hand Sanitizer 

Avoid germy situations by bringing your favorite hand sanitizer. For instances when you aren’t able to traditionally wash your hands this is always something good to have around. A keychain hand sanitizer option will save you room in your diaper bag and always be conveniently out for you to use.

Extra Blanket

Bring an extra blanket if your baby decides to take an impromptu nap somewhere. It is also wise to have in case of car trouble or if you will be potentially out in the cold.

Comfort Item

Pacifiers if your baby uses them, a favorite toy, or anything that your baby seems to be comforted by. You’ll regret not packing it if it results in some kind of tantrum situation.


(For older babies) If you’ll be travelling away from home or won’t be having a meal anytime soon, be sure to pack something for your little one to snack on along the way. They’ll appreciate it and so will their tummy.

Sunscreen + Hat

For those sunny days or unexpected outings. Make sure to bring some sunscreen along with you and a hat to protect your babies head from harsh sunlight. This isn’t necessary year long, but you may want to keep some in your diaper bag for those just in case instances.

Extra Items

These items aren’t always necessary, but are still good to have around. If you have room in your diaper bag, these other diaper bag essentials may help you in a pinch.

First Aid Kit

Honestly I recommend having this because as your baby gets older they will be more likely to get boo boos while playing. Not having access to a band-aid when you need one can be really awful.


If you baby has a cold or a runny nose it is a good idea to pack a few of these.

Nasal Aspirator

Babies get stuffed up when they are little. Unlike us, they can’t blow their nose properly so it is up to us to get their little nasal passages cleared. A nasal aspirator can help provide a little relief on the go if necessary.

Nail Clippers

Not all babies enjoy having their nails clipped. If you get an opportunity while you’re out and about you’ll be ahead of the game.


If you are going somewhere and aren’t sure if your little one will have anything to play with there, bring a few extra toys. Often times a simple toy will occupy your baby while you have an appointment or visit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diaper bag essential post. What are some of your favorite diaper bag essentials? Feel free to leave your answer in the comment section!

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  1. Such a great post! I remember my mom telling me about the time she needed to change my outfit 4 times on a trip (I had car sickness back then). She really was super prepared. Haha! Love that woman!

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