10 Positive Statements Our Children Need To Hear

10 positive statements children need to hear

Children respond so much better to positive vibes. Creating a positive atmosphere for children is key if you want your child to respect you and understand where you are coming from. At times we as parents tend to lose our cool in certain situations. We sometimes say things that we don’t mean, or we say things that can be easily misunderstood by our children. This can be harmful to our child’s perception of right and wrong. It can be difficult to undo damage that has been done, but it is not impossible. Here I have posted 10 positive statements that parents need to say to their children.

#1. I love you.

This is the most obvious positive statement of all. Your child needs to hear this as often as possible. You need to reaffirm to your child that you love them. Children have fragile minds. They sometimes think that because they have done something bad recently, or have annoyed you in some way, that you don’t love them anymore. It’s silly to us, but to them it feels true. Reassure your child that you love them and put their little mind at ease.

#2. You are smart!

Take the time to encourage your child while they are learning. If they try something new academically and succeed you should praise them for it. If you praise your child for learning then they will be more than excited to keep learning even more. Be sure to let your child know that you notice all the new things they have learned and are proud.

#3. Good job!

Saying something as simple as good job after your child completes a task or does a chore is a special feeling for a child. Chances are your child will feel better about themselves and will feel encouraged to do more good deeds. Again, let your child know that you notice the little things they do. This will help them feel much more confident in the future.

#4. You are so thoughtful.

If your child has a good idea be sure to praise them for it. Our children love to see us as parents, happy. They sometimes will bring us gifts or tokens of their love. To us it might seem like a dandelion weed pulled from the garden or a shiny object they found, but to them it is a gift to make us smile. Instead of saying “I don’t want this.” or “throw that away!” try telling your child how thoughtful they are.

#5. I believe in you.

Children are so pure and full of hope. They have big dreams and ideas of what they want to be someday. If your child is passionate about something make sure to let them know that you believe in them. Let your child know that you support the vision that they have and that you will be there for them every step of the way. This will encourage creativity and brainstorming.

#6. You are so kind.

When your child exhibits random acts of kindness, be sure to let them know that you see it. When your child is polite and uses manners in public or helps someone out, they should be praised immensely for it. We are raising the future people of the world so it is our duty to teach them that it is right to be kind to others.

#7. You are important.

Children can sometimes get the impression in their head that they don’t really matter. They may think that anything they do is inconsequential or that no one really cares about them. Be sure to let your child know that they are important. Let them know that they have a place in this world just like everyone else and that they matter. This is an invaluable positive statement.

#8. I respect you.

Let your child know that you respect their wishes. While you are the parent and are in charge, you should respect your child all the same. If there is something they are wholeheartedly against or something that they enjoy that you don’t, let them know that you still respect them. If you show your child respect they will be more likely to respect others.

#9. I trust you.

Children do not like to disappoint us. When we as parents become disappointed with our child, this is often more hurtful to their feelings than a punishment. Let your child know that you trust them. Give them a chance to gain trust by assigning them a task or giving them something to be responsible for. Your child will love that you gave them an opportunity to feel special and trusted. Some positive statements we make are through our actions.

#10. You are special.

Let your child know that they are an individual. There is no one else like them in the world and that they are yours. Let them know that you think they are special and care for them. Letting your child know this simple positive statement will make them very happy and feel loved.

Thank you for taking the time to read 10 positive statements that parents need to say to their children. I hope you find this information useful and start using these 10 positive statements much more in your day. Our children are our future.

We as parents need to encourage more positive behavior to create a bright future for our little ones. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to email me you can reach me at [email protected]

Post Updated: 1/9/2023

4 thoughts on “10 Positive Statements Our Children Need To Hear”

  1. These are so great! I can say I already do most of these. Sadly, I told 3 the other day in the midst of a disagreement that he is a difficult child. I immediately regretted it! I wish I could do a better job of thinking before I speak sometimes. At least I am good at apologizing!

  2. We are all guilty of saying the wrong things at some point. Apologizing is always important and it is never to late to repair things. Thanks for reading. 😊

  3. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and to forget to say these important things. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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