5 Comforting Things To Do In The Fall

5 comforting things to do in the fall

Fall is finally here and people are getting excited! I absolutely love Fall weather more than any other season. You have beautiful clear and sunny days. Then you have your cold rainy days where you just stay inside all day. For so many reasons, Fall is my all-time favorite season. I will be participating in something called #Blogtober this year which is kind of special blogging event where you schedule a blog post each day in October. I will be attempting this for all of my loyal readers. I figured I would start out with a post about my 5 favorite comforting things to do in the Fall.

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Coffee Drinking

I am sure many of you can agree that this is one of everyone’s favorite comforting things to do in the Fall. Drinking coffee while watching the leaves Fall off of the trees. Whether you like pumpkin spice lattes or not, drinking coffee is the ultimate Fall experience.

Nothing makes me feel better or warmer inside than making a piping hot cup of the good stuff while experiencing the beautiful sights of Fall. My coffee of choice is Joe’s Harvest coffee. It will fill your home with the scent of pumpkin spice and is Kosher certified.

If you are looking for the perfect pumpkin spice flavored coffee then this is exactly what you need in your life. Top it off with a little bit of whipped cream and a dash of ground cinnamon and nutmeg on the top.

Absolutely delish! If you haven’t already tried pumpkin spice, I think you will find it a pleasant experience. If you absolutely hate pumpkin spice any fresh cup of coffee will do! Talk about comfort.

Watching Movies With Snacks

The second item on my list of the most comforting things to do in the Fall is watching movies while curled up under the blankets….which also can be done while drinking pumpkin spice coffee. Or with a yummy Fall snack.

One of my addictions currently in the mix of all the pumpkin pie flavored stuff are these delicious pumpkin pie flavored Kit Kats. Talk about addicting. Sitting down curled up under a nice blanket, with a bag of pumpkin pie Kit Kats while watching Netflix. I am not really sure if life gets better beyond that. If you haven’t tried these things yet, you really need to.


Okay this one is a no brainer. Baking! Of course you have to bake a ton of delicious treats in the fall. Whether you want to keep it simple by whipping up a batch of rice Krispie Treats as a no bake option or make those warm pumpkin cookies, there really is no way to go wrong.

Your house being filled with the smell of freshly baked goods is an unparalleled experience. You can achieve this any time of the year, but in the Fall it is extra special. So go purchase yourself some Nordic Ware baking sheets and get started.


I don’t know about you, but the child inside of me has never fully left the stage. That is why my next comforting thing to do in the Fall is an extension of the child inside me. Coloring! I know this seems crazy to some of you, but coloring is a very therapeutic activity.

It makes for a great de-stressor. Not to mention if your kids want to join in and help they can as well! What could be greater than starting your day out with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, eating pumpkin pie Kit-kats, baking some fresh cookies, and sitting outdoors (or inside) and coloring in an adult coloring book.

Yes I said adult coloring book. They exist. The Autumn Scenes coloring book is my absolute favorite right now. Although any coloring book will do!

Online Shopping

My last and final suggestion of the most comforting things to do in the fall is to go shopping. Retail therapy is a real thing. Sometimes nothing makes me happier than getting out of the house and going out for a day of shopping. Fall Fashion is my favorite. I love the long sweaters and cardigans, the boots and the leg warmers.

If you don’t want to get out of the house you can order so many great items from Amazon, which I recommend. Online shopping is a great past-time especially if it is a rainy day and you don’t feel like leaving the house.

That Concludes The List of 5 Comforting Things To Do In The Fall

I hope you enjoyed my list of comforting things to do in the Fall. Feel free to email me with YOUR favorite things to do. Enjoy this wonderful season and keep on the lookout for more #Blogtober posts. Thank you for reading!

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