30 Must Have Accessories For Book Lovers

If you are a book lover then you probably already have a few of these accessories at hand. However, there are so many must have accessories for book lovers that you may not know about! I’ve curated an amazing list for you bookworms out there. Check out the must have accessories for book lovers from Pinterest and the web!

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Must Have Accessories For Book Lovers

#1. Cute Bookmarks (Like handcrafted ones from Etsy!)

Bookmarks are always a great gift for a book lover simply because they are always going to need one! That’s why I think it’s the #1 gift to get a bookworm.

Also you can make the bookmark customized and meaningful for your particular bookworm.

#2. A Kindle (If you don’t already have one! These are incredible and hold so many books digitally!)

A Kindle is such a great gift for book lovers because it’s like having any book you want at the tips of your fingers.

One of these portable libraries would certainly be a hit with any book lover.

#3. Reading Book Light 

A reading book light is so helpful. Especially if you’re the type to stay up late at night reading your book in bed.

Reading in the proper lighting is not only better for seeing your pages, but reduces eye strain. No one wants a strained eye!

#4. Book Holder/Stand 

A book holder or stand is great for when you just don’t feel like holding your book. Believe it or not it really can wear out your arms.

Laying on your belly isn’t always fun for very long when reading a book so a book holder makes the perfect tool for the job!

#5. Page Holder

Page holders aren’t always necessary, but they come in such pretty designs and they can be given as personalized gifts.

Book lovers wouldn’t mind having a beautiful page holder to look at while they read their favorite book I’m sure!

#6. Book Tote 

A book tote is great for those who still love their physical books. You can bring them wherever you go and have plenty of room for storage.

These can also be customized to represent the individual book lover in your life!

#7. Personal Library Kit

When I found this I was so excited! Not only would this make a great gift, but the perfect addition to anyone with a personal library in their home.

Yes, this kit comes with your own library cards and checkout slips like back in the day. Too cute!

#8. Headphones (For audio books)

Headphones make listening to audio books a much better experience. Not only can you listen to your book in private, but even on the go.

Pair up your blutooth headphones and listen while you cook, workout, or even take a jog.

#9. Custom Library Embosser (Mark your books with your own seal!)

I found these so cool and you can find them on Etsy. Mark your books with your own seal so you know what books belong in your collection.

I thought this was a unique idea and honestly had never thought of this before.

#10. Coffee Mugs (You have to have coffee when reading a book in the morning!)

Every reader needs a personalized coffee mug. Coffee and books go together like peanut butter and jelly and everything else great that goes together.

If you prefer tea, that’s fine too. It would work all the same. 🙂

#11. Bookends

Decorative bookends will hold your books in place on the shelf. These come in really cute and unique designs and is another accessory I never thought about until now.

Don’t you hate when your books slide or fall over on the shelf? Well instead of resting that dumbell on the shelf you could purchase some cute bookends for just that purpose.

#12. Bookshelf

Book shelves are a necessity in my opinion if you’re going to keep a massive collection of books. I don’t think any book lover would turn down a good set of shelves.

Looking for a realistic gift for a book lover then this may be a go to!

#13. Page Anchor

Page anchors are much like the other page holders except they are widely used by many avid readers. (Apparently) I had never known this before I did my research.

Anyway, I think they are really cool and would love to have these for myself.

#14. Amazon Gift Card (To purchase books of course!)

Well if you’re looking to get a book lover something they are definitely going to use I would say this is an obvious choice.

They could purchase books for their Kindle to their hearts content or even order physical books for their collection.

#15. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

For those that still like to get out and about and discover new books and read elsewhere, this is a great gift.

#16. Reader’s Journal (To keep track of books you’ve read)

I think this is such a cool idea. Many people already keep good track of the books they’ve read, but an actual readers journal would be lovely!

These are often sold custom on Etsy and I think any reader would enjoy filling out a journal like this.

#17. Book Themed Decor

Readers enjoy everything that reminds them about their love for reading. I highly suggest getting them any kind of book themed decor for their home.

Even something as simple as a Christmas ornament would be a lovely thing to get them. A book shaped lamp perhaps?

#18. E-reader Case (Such as for a Kindle)

Be sure to get a case for your e-reader! It is so frustrating trying to read with a cracked screen. A case is such a simple accessory, but can protect your library from an awful crash to the ground.

#19. Book Holder Tray

A book holder tray does just that. It holds your book! Do I need to remind you how much it hurts to hold a book for hours?

That’s why this is such a great gift for a book lover.

#20. LED Clip On Light

Such a handy little gadget to have. It’s so simple yet many people don’t have one. Why? I’m not sure because they make reading in the dark so much better.

#21. Book Themed Personalized Wineglasses

Enjoy a glass of wine while you read! Many adult readers prefer to indulge a little while they have a read and this is the perfect item for that.

A personalized wineglass is never a bad gift for anyone to receive!

#22. Treadmill Book Holder

Working out and reading is pretty much impossible. Except when you have a book holder for your treadmill!

Yes, this is a great invention and a perfect accessory for the fit bookworm.

#23. Exercise Bike Book Holder

Just like the treadmill book holder this device helps you read hands free!

#24. Bookcase

This is something that book lovers often wish they had more of. Of course I’d ask before you go gifting someone a huge bookcase.

I just think this is a sweet gift that is very thoughtful and actually really useful to an avid book reader.

#25. 100 Book Scratch Off Poster

I saw one of these on Etsy and I thought it was so cool! Scratch off to reveal a new must read book and move on to the next when you’ve finished.

#26. Bookworm T-shirt

Make or purchase a custom t-shirt for the bookworm in your life. I am sure they would love and appreciate it. There are many great designs on Etsy.

#27. Book Earrings (Not real books! Small adorable ones! Yes I had to clarify.)

Well not every reader could wear these, but I thought they were wonderful. If you have a librarian friend they may truly appreciate these!

#28. Insulated Tumbler

Keep your beverages cold or hot on the go. If you want to bring your morning coffee with you on a book reading adventure you don’t want it getting cold!

#29. Pen Reader (Reads lines of text to you as you follow along.

This is one of the coolest gift accessories I found that a book lover would truly LOVE. A pen that reads to you as you follow along.

What a time to be alive!

#30. Book Quote Bracelets

I saw a few of these on Etsy that had famous book quotes on them. Many readers identify with a particular quote from a classic book.

This could make a meaningful accessory that could be worn.

That was my list of must have accessories for book lovers!

I hope you found something inspirational for yourself or a bookworm that you know! What is your favorite book-related accessory you can’t live without?

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