20 Crafts To Make (And Sell!) With A Cricut Machine

Cricut Machine

Do you own a Cricut machine? Ever considered buying one because you’ve heard great things? Well I’m about to tell you even more great things. You can be earning money by making fun crafts with your Cricut machine. It’s that simple. Take what you love to do and start earning money from it by selling your custom work! There are so many ways to earn money with your Cricut.

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If you click a tutorial it will open in a new tab for you so you don’t lose your spot. Each tutorial is from great Pinterest creators from across the web! Check them out!

Glass Etchings

Something you might not expect to be able to do with the help of a Cricut machine. Glass etching! Say what?! Yes you absolutely can create etched glass projects with the help of your Cricut machine. Create things like etched wine glasses, ornaments, and more to sell on Etsy or to use in your next craft show!

Full Tutorial

Mason Jar Fairy Nightlights

There are a ton of mason jar projects you can do with a Cricut machine. Cricut machines are so versatile when it comes to cutting out beautiful designs. Also, people really love the charm of a beautifully decorated mason jar. It is no wonder projects such as the Fairy Nightlight are a hit and also sell well!

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Yes, you can even customize your own apparel to sell with the help of a Cricut machine. Iron-on vinyl can be cut using your Cricut and applied easily to clothing! You can sell your creations online or in person. Make t-shirts for events, gatherings, charities, or anything you can think of!

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Cricut machines can cut through many different materials. When you think of a Cricut you may think only of vinyl cutting, but the truth is you can cut so much more than that! You can cut fabric, cardstock, and even faux leather. In fact there are 100’s of materials you could cut with a Cricut. So it is no surprise that you can design beautiful jewelry such as the gorgeous earrings in this tutorial!

Full Tutorial

Cake/Cupcake Toppers

Again there are so many possibilities with a Cricut machine. It is easy to cut and design cupcake or cake toppers to sell on Etsy or your website. You can use edible material such as wafer paper or strictly decorative pieces for an elegant touch. Check out this lovely wedding cake topper made with Cricut!

Full Tutorial


A Cricut machine can cut foam? Yes it sure can! Try this DIY foam stamp making project and create something you can not only sell, but can be a kid friendly project as well!

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This is one of my personal favorite DIY’s using the Cricut! You can create personalized dog tags, charms, monograms and more with the engraving tool! Here I’ve found a great tutorial for making monogram necklaces. Personalized jewelry will undoubtedly sell well and makes great gifts for family and friends!

Full Tutorial


Nothing says welcome like a personalized doormat! You can easily create these using your Cricut machine. People would be quick to purchase a custom doormat that could have any design they want on it! Try making and selling a few of these great DIY’s.

Full Tutorial


Everyone loves a cute mug design whether it is for coffee, tea, or cocoa. Mugs are always a great seller and are a hit on sites like Etsy and more. Let your creativity flow free!

Full Tutorial


Banners can be used for a ton of different things. Graduations, baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more! These are a great item to sell and you can learn how to make your own with this great tutorial!

Full Tutorial

Gift Tags

Perfect for the holidays! Gift tags are easy to make using a Cricut machine and are a great item to sell in your favorite online shop! Create elegant designs and share them with the world!

Full Tutorial


Keychains are an excellent seller. With the Cricut machine you can make keychains with ease. You can engrave metal, faux leather, and even acrylic sheets. This tutorial shows how you can cut acrylic and make dazzling keychains!

Full Tutorial

Felt Flowers

Flowers can be used for many projects and decorative purposes. Learn how to make your very own felt floral designs with your Cricut! You can create beautiful arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths and so much more. They are sure to be a hit in your shop!

Full Tutorial


Cards are great for many important life events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, ect. Imagine being able to create your own beautiful custom cards. That can be a reality using the Cricut machine. Check out this lovely card tutorial to learn how you can do it yourself!

Full Tutorial

Baby Gifts

Baby gifts are oh so precious and sentimental. It is no wonder why they make such good sellers online. You can create your own iron on vinyl onesies or even check out this adorable baby stat elephant project for inspiration!

Full Tutorial

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a super cute and fun project to design with Cricut. Create your very own tote design using Cricut infusible ink. You will be amazed at how your images really pop and how people will buy them right up from you!

Full Tutorial


Festive and just in time for the holidays! You can create your own ornaments to sell or share with your family. Try out this beautiful ornament tutorial below.

Full Tutorial

Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are a great item to make to sell. Design the perfect bag to hold favorite cosmetics. List your bags on Etsy and reap the rewards! Check out this great makeup bag tutorial from Pinterest.

Full Tutorial

Hair Bows

Love cute hair accessories? Hate how expensive they are? Make your own using a Cricut machine and set your own prices! Take a look at this great bow tutorial below!

Full Tutorial

Rustic Wood Signs

Create custom wood signs using Cricut with ease. Not only can you make signs, but personalized wood pictures and even cutting boards. Your friends will be begging you to design them something special! Be sure to list your creations in your favorite online shop to begin earning!

Full Tutorial

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