18+ Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home

18+ real ways to make money online from home

If you’re reading this post, you are likely looking for real ways to make money online from home and soon! A while back I found myself in the same situation and took to the internet to figure it out. In my years as a blogger, I have found plenty of ways to make money online.

Many of the ways are efficient, some are quick, and others take time, but we are going to cover lots of them here!

* This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission if you should click and purchase something through them. This is at no extra cost to you.

Twitter Community’s Favorite Ways To Make Money Online

When I look back, I owe a lot of my own success to the online community. Learning from others has helped me quite a bit. One thing to remember is that not all online money-making methods are for everyone. The key is to find a way that suits your needs and is achievable for you.

Let’s look at some of the online community’s favorite ways to make money online!

Book Reviews

Ekta, a freelance SEO writer and blogger prefers to make money writing book reviews. This is actually a really great idea, as there are many up-and-coming authors who would love an honest review of their book.

How can I start writing book reviews for money?

  • Create a gig on Fiverr. Fiverr is a great place for freelancers to describe their services and set a price. Deliver quality results to customers, and you could start getting noticed.
  • Outreach. Find authors on social media and email a pitch to them. You’d be surprised how a professional email could be impactful and open the door to freelance opportunities.
  • Job searches. Online reviewers are in demand. Many online job opportunities for writing reviews are now available on sites like Indeed.
  • Start a blog. While this is not always a fast method, it could be a great idea for someone who loves books, reading, and writing reviews. Over time you may be able to land jobs as authors recognize your for your work.

How can I start a blog?

Starting a blog is easier than ever, and it’s never too late to get started. Do you want your slice of the internet to build a business or offer a service? Maybe you like to write great reviews like Ekta does.

Affiliate Marketing, Flipping Domains, and more!

My dear friend Glen, the author of “Master Your Money Mindset Life: The Ultimate Money Handbook.” had several fantastic suggestions to add to the list.

Known as “The Finance Freak”, he is no stranger to making money online. In fact he is known for his ability to help others grow, maintain, and protect their wealth.

When asked about his favorite ways to make money online, he had plenty of answers.

Let’s take a look at these great ways to make money!

KDP Amazon

Otherwise known as Kindle Direct Publishing. This is a streamlined way for authors to publish their work and upload it directly to Amazon.

That’s right; you no longer have to compete to be published online and start making sales. With this method, you can skip many of the struggles that go along with getting your work published traditionally.

Using KDP Amazon, you can receive monthly royalties for your sales. If you want to get your written work out into the world faster, this is the best way to do so.

Affiliate Marketing

This is my favorite way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a straightforward concept, although it may take some getting used to.

Affiliate marketing essentially entails promoting a product or service in return for a chance to earn a commission if you make a sale. Many bloggers and members of the online community utilize affiliate marketing.

How can I get started?

Join an affiliate program such as the ones below.

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten
  • Clickbank

Not only are these great programs to join, but most companies have an affiliate program. Sometimes you can visit the website of a company you like and sign up to join their affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is free and requires no enrollment. You only earn money if you make a sale, and there are no overhead expenses. This is why it remains a top choice for bloggers and website owners.

One of my favorite guides for learning about affiliate sales is “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know” by Kayleigh Zara! This is an affordable and helpful guide that will teach you all that you need to know about affiliate marketing as a total beginner.

Where can I promote affiliate products?

  • Website
  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, ect..)
  • Outreach
  • Email

Flipping Domains

Domain flipping can be lucrative if you know what you are doing.

Flippa is a great website to start buying and selling domains. Flippa seems the most accessible platform for most people to buy or sell domain names and flip them for a profit

Many online entrepreneurs go out in search of domains that have expired and resell them for a pretty price. This method takes some patience and research, but a good idea nonetheless.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a widely preferred way to make money online. The basic idea of drop shipping is listing and selling products that will ship from somewhere else.

This means you never have to keep an inventory in your home or workspace. Heck, you don’t even have to have your product.

The beauty of dropshipping is that you can open your very own storefront filled with great products you’ve selected, but never have to deal with the headache of making a product or shipping it yourself.

How can I get started with dropshipping?

I highly recommend checking out Shopify.

Shopify will walk you through the process to set up your dropshipping storefront so you can start selling sooner!

Selling Info Products

I love this method and it would fall as my second favorite way to make money online next to affiliate marketing.

Selling info products has never been easier! Do you have knowledge about a subject? People will pay for that knowledge! You can write your very own guidebook and sell it online to the right buyer.

Like any money-making method, this will take some work and definitely some promotion.

Print On Demand (POD)

Print-on-demand is a great way to earn extra money online. With this method, you simply fulfill the order as it is made. This means you would have no large inventory to keep or shipping to worry about.

A great example of this would be an Etsy shop owner who sells stickers. Once someone orders and pays for your design they can easily print it from home on demand.


Surveys have been a popular online way to make money for years. You can complete surveys in exchange for small or larger amounts of cash, points, or gifts.

Digital Products & Pinterest Services

Some bloggers seem to have great luck when it comes to making and selling digital products such as e-books, templates, guides, and more. Gabby Abigail of gabbyabigail.com is one of those bloggers!

One of her best-selling digital products would have to be her collection of Pinterest pin templates.

Not only that, but she provides pin-designing services as well, which is quite desirable among the blogging/writing community.

If you love creating pins and enjoy the Pinterest platform, you could definitely stand to earn some extra money helping others.

Selling Furniture/Items On Facebook

Have extra furniture cluttering up your home? Maybe you should try selling furniture on a Facebook market place just like Lynn of lynnmumbingmejia.com.

This is such a great idea for making extra money online. If you’re looking for a lucrative side hustle with a low initial investment cost, this would be a good start!

You could easily spend a small amount of money at a yard sale or rummage sale on some furniture and flip it for a profit. This might take a little planning and patience, but overall it’s a solid way to line your wallet. Thanks for the suggestion, Lynn!

Selling Photos & Stock Trading

When asked, this Lucinda of bakesbooksandmyboys.com said she prefers to sell photos or trade small stocks. While both methods are wildly different than the other, they both can provide some extra income.

Where is the best place to sell stock photos?

  • Your website
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • Flickr

These are all excellent stock photo agencies to sell to. If you are into photography, this could really be a great gig.

How do I begin investing in the stock market?

(Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am only providing my opinion about how I invest.)

First I will start by saying I am not a stock market genius or a financial adviser, but I do know that investing in the stock market is easier than it has ever been for retail investors.

How so? Apps.

Over the last few years, many new apps have been developed to put the stock market conveniently in your hands. This lets you invest any time you want directly at your disposal.

I have downloaded the Weebull app and have invested in a few of the hottest stocks. With the app, you can pick and choose which store to buy or sell.

Easily add funds to your account and begin investing however much or little you want.


Referrals are pretty similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you promote a product or service. However, the ultimate goal of a referral is to get someone to sign up in return for commission or benefit.

When I asked the online community what ways they preferred to make money, many of them mentioned referrals! A few of the answers stood out, of course.

The response by Money Saving Central of moneysavingcentral.co.uk caught my eye.

Here is what Money Saving Central had to say when I asked them to elaborate!

Money Saving Central even shared a blog post with me that lists some of their favorite referral programs to join.

More ways to make money online with referrals (UK Based)

As I mentioned, more than one person in the online community mentioned a referral program. Rachel of rachtalksbusiness.com had her thoughts.

Unfortunately, Freetrade isn’t available to US citizens due to different tax laws. As I mentioned earlier, I use Weebull to do my share trading.

Freetrade sounds like a great idea for my UK based readers!

Numbrs App

Kayleigh Zara is a successful blogger at kayleighzaraa.com who makes plenty of extra money per month through various income streams. One of her most recent endeavors involved the Numbrs App.

Numbrs is a financial app that helps you manage your money, bank accounts, and even cryptocurrency. Apparently, with this app there is a weekly Payday raffle as well!

This app is available on the App Store for Apple devices. You can read about the Numbrs App in Kayleigh’s blog post here.


Stacey had a stellar suggestion.

She recommended checking out sites like Upwork or Peopleperhour to find freelance jobs, which is a brilliant way to make money online. If you love writing, admin work, or anything in between, you could definitely find something suitable.

These websites are designed to help clients connect with skilled freelancers, which makes it easier than ever to find freelance work.

Fiverr is another great alternative as it allows freelancers to offer their services, upsells, and lots more.

Online Tutoring

Are you an educator or someone who is looking to help with a subject you know a lot about? Georgia at britvoyage.com recommends online tutoring for extra cash.

You can find many online tutoring positions via Indeed or other job search sites. You can even offer freelance tutoring services through Upwork or Fiverr!

I appreciate your answer Georgia!

Ghost Writing

I would venture to say many bloggers and writers thoroughly enjoy this method for earning money. Ghostwriting can be very lucrative, rewarding, and helpful in developing your own skills.

Thank you, Jupiter Hadley at jupiterhadley.com, for bringing this up!

A ghostwriter can write anything from speeches, ad copy, articles, blog posts, and more. The catch is that you are never given credit for the writing. All of the credit will go to your client.

That might sound kind of negative, but ghostwriting can be well worth it. An experienced ghostwriter with references could earn a top dollar!

Selling Crafts

Last but not least, we have crafts! Do you enjoy making candles, resin art, jewelry, or other lovely things? Consider selling them online for a nice profit!

Consider checking out “20 Resin Crafts To Make And Sell Online” for some ideas and inspiration!

Good luck!

I hope you discover some incredible ways to make money online from home in this post! Feel free to comment your favorite method.

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know!

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