Holiday Treats You Are Going To Love – Top 5

Mouthwatering holiday treats are here! I have selected the 5 most amazing looking/tasting/easy-to-do treats I could find just for you guys. These treats are sweet! Without further ado let’s check out the 5 most decadent treats for the holiday season that you can’t possibly want to miss!

1. Gingerbread Bars With Cream Cheese Frosting

Perfect for a festive celebration like Christmas, these treats contain two ingredients that couldn’t possibly be wrong together. Try these taste bud exploding bars and enjoy the divine taste of gingerbread and cream cheese beautifully married. Can you say yum? 

Full Recipe

2. Buckeye Balls/Peanut Butter Balls

Check out a spin on this traditional holiday treat. This recipe is no bake and easy to make. These would undoubtedly be a hit at your next family get together. If they make it that far! These are too good not to sample!

Full Recipe

3. M&M’s Christmas Cookie Bars

One of the most incredible holiday treats I can imagine. Why? Because M&M’s and cookies belong together! Imagine cookie bars shamelessy filled with the cholcolatey goodness of M&M’s. Now, imagine having them for your next holiday get together! Oh wait, that can be a reality because I have the recipe to share with you! 

Full Recipe

4. Sugar Cookie Christmas Fudge

Imagine the sweetness of a sugar cookie combined with the rich gooey goodness of fudge. Nothing could make a holiday feast complete like this sweet dessert! Check out the recipe and impress your friends and family at any holiday gathering!

Full Recipe

5.  Hot Chocolate Lasagna 

Last but not least something fit for a feast! Why am I rhyming? I have no idea, but this hot chocolate lasagna holiday treat looks fab. I can imagine getting a little carried away eating this scrumptious dessert can’t you? If you are a chocolate fat then this is right up your alley. I dare you to give this unbelievable recipe a try! Did I mention it’s no bake?

Full Recipe 

I hope you enjoy this list of mouthwatering holiday treats. Stay tuned for more incredible recipes curated for your viewing and tasting pleasure. All credit to the wonderful Pinterest creators who came up with these fab desserts! Be sure to check out their websites for great content and be sure to sign up to my e-mailing list so I can keep you up to date on the latest recipes and DIY crafts! 

Happy Holidays!

Sincere Mommy.

18 thoughts on “Holiday Treats You Are Going To Love – Top 5”

  1. I was reading this with my daughter sitting next to me and she was going crazy with the pictures:) Guess I’m going to have to try that m&m one because her reaction was let’s call it enthusiastic? thanks for sharing these.

    1. It really is amazing! I wish I had a personal chef and baker to make me food all day. One can dream. Lol

      Thanks for reading!

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