How To Make Stunning Resin Jewels

resin jewels

Making resin jewels is so easy and fun to do! You can make them any color you like and use them in so many other crafts. Necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and more! I’ll show you how to make incredible color popping resin jewels quick and easy. Let’s begin!

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These resin jewels are absolutely stunning!

Let me show you my end result so you can understand just how beautiful these are going to turn out.

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Let’s Get Started!

First, get the mold ready on a flat surface. When working with resin be sure to lay something underneath your project. Silicone mats work well, but Saran wrap is fine too!

Next, grab a thin soft bristled paintbrush and have it ready to go.

resin jewels

Choose Your Colors

For this project I use shimmering mica to color my jewels. Mica comes in a beautiful array of bright colors!

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Prepare Your Color Palette

Sprinkle out a small amount of each mica color you like into the palette. I simply used a rectangular silicone mold as a palette. It only takes a tiny amount of mica to dust your mold.

Dust Your Mold Carefully With Color

Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to mica. I only dip the very tip of my brush into the mica and still sometimes that can be too much. Dust lightly into each mold and make sure to spread out any dark clumps of mica.

resin jewels mica dusting

Time For Resin Mixing!

Grab your bottles of resin and hardener. Pour equal parts of both into either a reusable silicone measuring cup or disposable resin cup.

Additional tips for using resin.

  • Wear disposable rubber gloves. Preferably ones that fit well. Resin is so sticky.
  • Use a straight (not wavy) popsicle stick to stir your resin.
  • Stir your resin for a good while. If you think you’ve stirred enough, stir some more! Be sure to scrape the sides.

Pour The Resin Into The Mold

For a mold this small I like to use a dropper so that I don’t get resin all over the place. It is much more precise.

It is hard to clean up resin when it goes everywhere outside the designated area you intended it to go. For that reason I like to play it safe.

If you do miss or overfill your mold you can always cut off the excess resin with an X-acto knife as well as sand the edges.

Cover And Let The Resin Dry

If you have a heat gun apply a bit of heat to your resin before covering it. Heating your resin will help it cure faster and also break up surface bubbles. Let the resin dry for 12 to 24 hours. (Drying time depends on your resin and temperature of it’s curing location.)

If you try to de-mold your jewels and they seem bendy they have not cured long enough.

Pop Your Resin Jewels Out Of The Mold

Simply pop your jewels out of their mold. You can sand or polish your resin jewels if you like, but it is optional. They come out beautiful regardless!

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Voilla! Stunning Resin Jewels!

You should now have beautiful shiny resin jewels to use for many other projects!

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Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you’ve made any amazing resin crafts lately or if you have ideas for using resin jewels! Stay healthy and safe!

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  1. I like how you laid out the instructions to make it simple. I’ve never tried it but now I know how it’s done and where to get the materials. Great post and thanks for sharing.

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