How To Earn Money As A New Craft Blogger

Welcome to my little corner of the web! If you’re here I am going to assume you’re interested in craft blogging and earning an income from it online. Perhaps you already blog about crafts or even are totally brand new to the online world. Whatever the case may be, I am going to tell you exactly how to earn money as a new craft blogger.

This post contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated a small amount if you should click and purchase something through them. This is at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Join An Affiliate Program Like Amazon Associates

With Amazon’s affiliate program alone I have managed to generate decent shipped item revenue and hundreds of dollars a month from ads and other affiliate marketing sources as well.

Is there some crazy secret on how to make this kind of money? No. Literally anyone in the world can do this.

Finding and adding income streams that you are passionate about makes things a lot easier.

Shipped Revenue

Turning a hobby into a passionate online business is not impossible, but it does take a little work.

Promoting craft products from Amazon is fun and easy because you likely are using many of them already! It’s easier to promote things you know about.

I highly recommend you check out my Amazon Associates guide if you are interested in the program. It has a lot of great tips and advice.

My personal craft blogging journey.

Before I go any further I want to give you a little background on how I became a craft blogger myself and was able to quit my dead end job.

Like many people out there I began searching ways to earn money online. This of course led to hundreds of websites that claim to have legit work from home jobs. Most of them are just filling out surveys for a few cents here and there. The things we’ve all seen before.

I knew there was more to it. Why would anyone just settle for doing surveys? Anyway, I stumbled upon a Facebook group about how to make your own blog. Down the rabbit hole I went!

Immediately I signed up for a domain and web hosting from Bluehost. I highly recommend Bluehost for your hosting needs. They are so helpful and offer chat support for your website.

I created my own website and started a simple “mommy blog”. I had no sense of direction, but I knew I loved making crafts and writing about products I like to use.

How I was able to finally quit my horrible factory job

Yes, it’s true. I still was working full time and running a blog. How did it go? Not very well. I was so annoyed with having to come in to a job I couldn’t stand while struggling to get my blog going. I had no clue how to make money with a blog and I nearly gave up after getting no traffic for so long.

After a while I learned how to promote my blog posts on social media and practice good SEO. 

Over time all of these factors combined together to give my blog the boost it needed. 

Eventually I was able to quit my awful job and start blogging full time. It was such a great feeling!

What you need to get started as a new craft blogger

The first thing you are going to want to have is your own website. If you have one already then you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the game. If you don’t have a website yet, you have a few options.

You can make a website on a free platform.


You can purchase your own domain.

Should I get a free website or purchase my own?

Here’s my honest advice. Consider purchasing a website domain as a business investment. This is your corner of the internet where you are in charge. Your website represents you! Having your own website makes you look professional and brands really like that.

But are free websites okay to use? Sure! You can use them all you want and some people have success with them. What is great is that you can create a free website and then decide later to purchase the domain.

I highly recommend going self hosted with Bluehost. It’s going to help you have more control over your blog and revenue in the long run.

What should my website include?

A great name that reflects your craft niche.

An incredible and memorable logo. (You can design a logo for free at

Aesthetic theme that suits your craft niche. (Sewing, knitting, painting, selling things on Etsy, ect.)

Plenty of content.

Brainstorm Your Craft Ideas

In order to become a successful craft blogger you need to have content. I recommend writing down several crafts that you love to make in a notebook. Decide which one you are the most passionate about and start there.

Now, create several blog post ideas based on that particular craft. For example I like to make resin crafts so I have written multiple blog posts that have to do with it.

  • How to make your own cute resin hair clips
  • 10 Awesome resin molds to use for projects
  • 9 Superior tips for resin art beginners
  • How to use resin with your Cricut projects

These are all blog posts I’ve made focused around a single craft I chose.

You can also make craft video tutorials which are super popular on TikTok and Youtube.

Pin To Pinterest

I can’t stress enough how important Pinterest is to a craft blogger. Especially one who wants to earn money from their crafts or craft blog posts.


Pinterest is free and the traffic from it is free.

How do I get started with pinning to Pinterest?

All you have to do is make a free Pinterest business account. Set up your profile with a nice picture and description of what you will be pinning about. Also add your website link to the profile so people can easily visit your site.

Use Canva for free to make your pin images.

Make pins for all of your content as you go. I typically make my pins right after I am finished publishing a post. This helps me stay on track. Pin to Pinterest and over time your website traffic will really grow like crazy.

So where does earning money come in?

Monetizing your craft blog can be done in several ways. The easiest way of course being affiliate marketing.

As a crafter you undoubtedly use many different products to make your crafts. When people follow through and click a pin on Pinterest that leads to your website, what do you think they want to see?

  1. They will want a clear tutorial on how to make a craft.
  2. They will want to see the products you used to make it.

All you have to do is join an affiliate program that features some of the products you use for crafting and then promote them through your content.

My favorite affiliate program currently is Amazon, but there are so many others out there! Here are a few reputable affiliate programs to join with your new craft blog.




How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept. You promote products and services that you enjoy and in return get a small commission when you make a sale.

However, in order to get sales, you have to have traffic to your content. Pinterest can provide a lot of help with this, but organic search is also important.

Do you use something like Google or Bing to look up things online? I do, and so do billions of other people around the world. That’s why SEO is extremely important.

Search Engine Optimization.

Ok this seems complicated now…I don’t know if I can be a successful craft blogger.

Yes you can. You absolutely can! Don’t worry one bit because I am here to help you understand SEO and all of the other things you need to know. Just stick with me.

Let’s recap

  1. Make a self hosted website.
  2. Deck it out with a great logo, theme, and headline.
  3. Create great content which can be in the form of tutorials, recipes, or how-to videos.

How to use SEO for gaining traffic

SEO can get pretty technical, but here is what you need to know. Search engines use keywords to direct searches to relevant content.

What does this mean?

If I search “How to make a resin coaster” I am going to be given results on the search page. Search engines determine how relevant your content is by how in depth, helpful, and keyword rich it is. Along with tons of other factors.

Always try to target a keyword in your content and focus on it throughout the post. You don’t have to keyword stuff, but make sure the keyword appears in the title, the first paragraph, and then naturally throughout the content.

Why is traffic so important?

The more people that come to your website, the more clicks you are going to get on your affiliate links. It’s just simple math.

If 20,000 people visit my website a day, the chances are way higher of someone purchasing something than if I only 5 people visit.

More clicks = More Purchases = More Money For You

Ads Are Another Great Stream Of Revenue For A New Craft Blog

Many people sign up for Google Adsense almost immediately after making a website and most of them qualify and can begin earning money from ads right away.

However, you can always wait until your craft blog grows a bit and sign up for a premium network like Monumetric, Ezoic, or Mediavine.

I personally use Ezoic and really love their onboarding support. Installing Ezoic on your site is easy, but you must meet the traffic requirements.

Getting Sponsored Posts As A New Craft Blogger

After you gain your footing with a website and have built up a bit of content. Typically 10-50 posts. You can begin emailing brands about sponsored post opportunities.

You can usually do this by emailing the marketing department of most brands. Sometimes the email isn’t easy to find, but it can be often found at the bottom of their website.

Over time you can begin negotiating with brands for an exchange of money for product reviews. You can also get paid in product if you’d prefer. Remember, the worst thing you’re ever going to get is a big fat “no” or no response at all. It doesn’t hurt to try!

Don’t Wait To Get Started

There is no better time to get started as a new craft blogger and there are still plenty of opportunities out there in the online world.

With literally billions of people online and making searches every day, you can stand to earn a lot of money on the web.

Don’t wait to get started on your new adventure with a craft blog!

Feel free to email me @ [email protected] if you decide to make a new craft blog! I would love to answer questions and even showcase your website once you’ve finished it!

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22 thoughts on “How To Earn Money As A New Craft Blogger”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this post and your own experience! It looks like you know what you’re talking about, I mean, your results speak for you. I have a similar experience to yours and would like to expand my business with more revenue streams. A craft blog could be a nice idea. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad I bumped into these guys. Their affiliate training is second to none! Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work.

    1. No problem! I just want people to know that there are many possibilities to turn their fun hobbies into a thriving online business! I do hope many people take the opportunity to at least join the free starter account just to try it out. Really there is nothing to lose by taking a look around. Like many they may find that they love it there and stick around! Thanks so much for reading and commenting Ivan! All the best to you!

  2. The fact that you made over $9000 is fantastic. I love seeing numbers like this because it’s inspiring, but it also shows that you know what you’re doing. I believe making money online is the easiest way to make money in life if you have the right strategy which in your case you do. Excellent read! Whats your FAVORITE strategy by far to make money online?

    1. So far I just absolutely love affiliate marketing. I like to easily link products I use with a picture and a clear link for where to get it. I get usually 20-30 sales a day with this method. So far it has been the most lucrative. I am still exploring other methods as well. I will keep you posted!

  3. Great tips! Much of this info can be applied to other niches as well if someone has been reading this and wondering if crafting is the right space for them. I agree with your recommendation to purchase your own domain if you want to be seen as professional. It really does make a big difference, especially if you’re pitching brands that you would like to take you seriously as part of their marketing plan.

    1. Yes this definitely can be applied to pretty mucy any niche as well. Much of this advice is stuff I wish someone had told me in the beginning, but hind sight is 20/20 lol. After my training and lots of hands on learning I feel confident about this process. Thanks for reading!

  4. Wow! Really inspiring! This is the kind of story I love reading about. It’s great how you can now make income online doing something you love.
    My dream is to reach that point: leaving my full-time job and doing affiliate marketing online. I’m aware it’s not an easy task, and it takes time. SEO, email marketing, guest posts, sponsored posts, keyword search…there is so much to learn!
    I think many of the tips you provided can be applied to most niches, not just crafts. In the case of Pinterest, it’s great for visual niches like crafts, fashion, travel, and gastronomy. I’ve used it with some success.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading. I do hope you reach your goal someday! My biggest advice is to never give up. Persistence is definitely key and this really could work for any niche and not just a new craft blog. All the best!

  5. Thank you very much for reading. Wealthy Affiliate is such a great platform and honestly I wish more people knew about it. I think the training there could save a lot of trouble for new bloggers especially. Quitting my job is a great first step in getting where I need and want to be financially. The great thing about reaching a goal is that it drives you forward to reach even more goals!

    All the best of luck to you!

    1. Thank you very much. I really never dreamed my hobbies could be worth much, but with the right stars aligned it can be so worth it. I appreciate you reading my post Sarah! Best of luck to you!

  6. Well honestly I think the best course of action is to keep making content. The more searchable content you make, the more traffic your ads could get. It really is sort of a numbers game when it comes to ads. I hope you have good luck with them going forward! Thanks for reading!

  7. That’s incredible that you earned so much money in just 4 months – congratulations to you! You’ve found a great niche. You have definitely inspired me to keep working hard to earn money from my blog! xx

    1. Absolutely, that’s the biggest thing! I recommend finding something you can get passionate about and then run with it. The second I stopped looking at my blog and business as a hard boring job that was the moment it all connected and got easier. Still there’s a lot of work to be done! Thanks so much for reading! I wish you all the best!

  8. Hi Shyla,

    Thanks for this step by step article that shows us how to build an online business through affiliate marketing. I love this idea. It’s very comprehensive, and I can get the idea of how to process without thinking about any problem that I will meet.

    I want to ask whether Wealthy Affiliate provides some support since I don’t have any coding or programming skills…


    1. Thank you for checking out the blog post! I definitely want to show everyone how to get started and honestly if you look at it as a repeatable process and are consistent you won’t have as many problems starting out. I find that people often get distracted and compare themselves to others. The thing is, you just don’t know where that person is in their journey compared to your own!

      To answer your great questions about Wealthy Affiliate, I will tell you that they do offer a ton of support. The community is always available via live chat and you can also get ahold of tech support which I have found solves most peoples problems. There is a training for almost any problem you could encounter, technical or otherwise. I do hope you give it a try! Thanks for reading!

  9. I am so grateful for this info. I’ve been on the fence about what to do in order to start making money online and was truly stuck in my thinking. Your post was most encouraging. I don’t know how I’ll come up with so many posts, but I do want to try. I’m feeling hesitant because I’m not sure what to start doing first. I’m thinking of combing crafts and cooking but we’ll see.
    Thanks again for all the great info.

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