10 Exciting Craft Hobbies To Pick Up

10 exciting craft hobbies to pick up

These days many people have resorted to crafting and baking for entertainment and financial purposes. Today I am going to give you a list of 10 craft hobbies to pick up to keep your mind busy and even earn extra cash online! Without further ado let’s check out the list!

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1. Resin Art

Resin is my absolute favorite and is by far one of the easiest craft hobbies to pick up. Simply purchase a resin kit and some silicone molds and you’re on your way to making gorgeous works of art.

By ClumsyCrafter

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2. Rock Painting

It sounds silly, but rock painting is actually a well loved craft hobby. Many people sell their painted rocks on Etsy as garden decorations. It also can be really fun and mind-soothing. You can check out my rock painting tutorial here.

By Elspeth Mclean

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3. T-Shirt Making

This craft is much easier than people make it out to be. I highly recommend getting a cutting machine like a Cricut to cut out your designs. Simply use iron-on vinyl and apply it with either a regular iron or Cricut Easy Press.

By Creations by FC

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4. Soap Making

Soap making is one of those fun craft hobbies that gets overlooked because people think it is really hard to do. The truth is that it can be done very easily! All you need is some melt and pour soap base and a silicone mold to get started!

By Modern Soap Making

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5. Candle Making

Candle Making is a billion dollar industry. People love candles! What’s not to love though? With all of the essential oils and scents available for candles, you can transform your home into the perfect place to relax. Candles are so much easier to make than people think and is a lovely hobby to try out.

By Purely Katie

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6. Crocheting

Crocheting is such a fun and versatile craft hobby to have. You can certainly stand to earn money from your creations. Many people don’t like to take time to figure out how to crochet, but what better time than now to start learning? Start with small projects like coasters and cloths for practice!

By Howtomakes

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7. Needle Felting

Some of the most fantastic crafts I’ve ever seen were made by needle felting. It is such a fun and unique craft hobby that not too many people seem to do. I love looking at all of the cute little creations people come up with. These crafts sell really well because of how plain adorable they are.

By Bonitismos

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8. Candy Making

Making candy chocolates can actually be quite simple and fun. There are tons of easy tutorials and recipes out there. Not to mention candies are fun to decorate however you want. It truly is an artform and people love to buy candy treats!

By PinkWhen

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9. Bath Bomb Making

Bath bombs are a super fun and lucrative craft hobby! I have several friends who make a lot of money selling them on Etsy right now. Honestly you can make bath bombs with just a few household ingredients, but you can get as creative and as colorful as you like! These are fun to make and provide tons of entertainment for both kids and adults.

bath bombs

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10. Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a form of art that anyone can take up. You can use many different methods to create art, such as fluid painting or finger painting. Painting can also be very therapeutic and calming. All you need is a blank canvas, some brushes, and paint to get started! You may even find a market to sell your work or get paid a commission to paint specific things. Why not give it a try?

By Craft-Mart

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15 thoughts on “10 Exciting Craft Hobbies To Pick Up”

  1. Hi there. I’m so glad to come across a blog that mentions fallout from the pandemic. I love the candy making idea. I’m a foodie and I love to bake. And, I have a major sweet tooth. I actually bought candy molds off amazon, and I learned how to make chocolate covered oreos! Now rock painting is definitely thinking out of the box. It can be a family affair, especially if you have little ones. Thanks for your ideas.

    1. Yes, the pandemic has been tough on a lot of people. Crafts and hobbies of all kinds are helpful to get through these turbulent times. Candy making it so much fun and chocolate covered oreos sound really good right now. I hope you get a chance to do some rock painting with your family! Thank you so much for reading my post.

  2. What an amazing article. I have bookmarked and passed this on to my daughter and wife who are very creative and will lap this up.

    Number 10 Acrylic painting looks like fun. My daughter does her own nails and her friend’s nails also. She will love this.

    Who knew all this can be done so easily. Post saved and shared. Thanks

    1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this with you daughter and wife! I hope they get a chance to try out some of these awesome crafts! I appreciate you saving and sharing the post. It means a lot. Have a great day!

  3. Gorjan Spirkoski

    Rock painting seems like something I would be interested in. I’m definitely trying this next week at my aunties house (she has HUGE rocks in her garden).

    Do I need to buy some special colors for this, or can I use ordinary everyday paint? Thanks for sharing your creative side with me. I appreciate it. 🙂

    1. I think you would absolutely love rock painting. All you need is some acrylic paint which is quite easy to come by. It usually can be found pretty cheap in the craft section at any store or simply order from Amazon. I am sure any paint you have would do though if you had no other options. Painting rocks is all about having fun!

  4. These are some great ideas. I have been crocheting for years, but I feel like I want to try something new. Maybe it’s time to try something new! Looking at all the options here, I’m most fascinated by resin art and needle felting. I have seen so many people creating INCREDIBLE art using both techniques.

    1. I honestly wish I was much better at crocheting because there are so many great thing you can make. If you like crocheting I bet you would really love needle felting. It is such an amazing form of art! Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi!
    You are right that having a hobby during the pandemic is necessary! They help to reduce our daily stress and can be lucrative too. I think especially now, during the time of uncertainty, when we don’t know what happens with our jobs, we shoul have a skills in a different areas and your ideas are great! I especially like the Acrylic painting, resin art and the crocheting. When I was a kid, my aunt tought me crocheting.It is awesome that everything available on Amazon now! What are your favorite?
    All the best,

    1. My absolute favorite craft currently is definitely resin. I have so many planned projects with it. It also goes hand in hand with my Cricut projects so I will be staying busy for a while. It sounds like you are pretty versatile when it comes to being crafty! I hope you get to enjoy a new craft as well as having fun with some you already know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  6. Wow this is a bursting blog post – perfect for parents on half term, let alone a pandemic! When I was a kid, I loved being creative and learning with my hands so these are such cool ideas! i love the truffle making!


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and I do hope many people are able to get some great ideas from this post. I hope you get a chance to get crafty just like when you were a kid! Lol

      I appreciate you stopping by Rosie!

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