Awesome Ways To Monetize Your Blog In 2021

awesome ways to monetize your blog in 2021

So many people are gravitating toward the internet to make a living these days. Many people are learning the great importance of the online world and are even creating their own websites. If you are hopping on board the online train then you may be interested in these awesome ways to monetize your blog in 2021!

*As an Amazon Associate this post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated a small amount if you should click and purchase something through them. This is at no extra cost to you.

Purchase Your Own Domain

Blogging on a free platform is nice at first, but if you want to start earning real money blogging you need to purchase your own domain.

Consider your website your business investment for a lifetime. Having a free domain link simply doesn’t look as professional as a purchased domain.

Not to mention you may be limited when it comes to placing advertisements on your blog. Simply put, your blog is never your own as long as you use a free platform.

I highly recommend popping over to Bluehost to get your very own domain so you can get serious about your blog sooner.

Bluehost provides domain hosting affordably and also live chat support if you have any problems. I have used Bluehost for 3 years and I absolutely love them!

Join An Ad Network

One of the first things I would do if I were starting a new blog would be to work toward joining an ad network like Ezoic. Now it does take quite a bit of traffic to be eligible for ad networks like Ezoic, but the payouts are much better than Adsense.

For that reason many bloggers and business owners opt to wait until they hit the traffic threshold to apply for a higher paying ad network. There is also Mediavine and Monumetric, but they have even higher traffic requirements than ever before.

I use Ezoic myself and I personally love it.

Join An Affiliate Program

I typically recommend joining Amazon Associates because it is one of the easiest affiliate programs to make sales with. The only downside is that commissions for sales are lower than many other affiliate programs.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a ton of money with it. It just means it takes a lot more work!

If you are wanting higher fee percentages to start with, you can simply try going through manufacturers. If there is a company that lines up with your niche, try to apply to their program directly on their site.

ShareASale is a popular program to join and has links to tons of companies who have much higher commissions.

Create Products To Sell On Gumroad

I’ve only just started selling with Gumroad and I absolutely love it. With it you can sell virtually anything and everything.

You can create a professional sales page, upload documents, files, and more.

It’s really easy to get started with and lots of people like to promote Gumroad products on Twitter. You should try it out!

It definitely is an awesome way to monetize your blog in 2021 and many others would agree with me on that I’m sure.

Offer Advertising Packages

This is not something I have done just yet, but something I want to implement in the future. Many people are taking advantage of this.

If you have a decent DA, or even just want to offer this service to help spread a message – this may be an option for you!

Tons of people are helping other bloggers by offering them a monthly spotlight on their blog. Now this is not to be confused with paying for backlinks or something spammy and scammy.

This is a full blown advertisement for blogs and businesses with details about their blog, niche, and services they may offer.

You can set a date and range of time in which you will be promoting them for x amount of money.

Create An E-course

Have something you want to teach others and you want to make a full blown course out of it?

You could create your very own and publish it with a platform like Teachable!

Be sure to promote the course for a few weeks or days leading up to the release to be sure you have plenty of students enrolled. Share the course with your blog’s email list as well.

If you launch a great course you could stand to earn quite a bit.

Offer To Write Sponsored Posts

Send pitches to brands with offers to write sponsored posts for them. This could be in exchange for products or cash.

Either way, this is one of the most awesome ways to monetize your blog in 2021.

Don’t feel bad when you get turned down. It isn’t always easy to send successful pitches to brands.

The more pitches you send out, the better you will get over time. After a while the process will feel more natural and you will feel more confident about it.

I hope you enjoyed this post about awesome ways to monetize your blog in 2021, and found it helpful!

What are your favorite ways to monetize your blog this year so far? What are your plans? Feel free to leave an answer in the comments!

Good luck with your blogs in 2021!

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6 thoughts on “Awesome Ways To Monetize Your Blog In 2021”

  1. Great tips! I haven’t made my own products yet, but it’s something that I have been considering in the near future. I’ll have to check out Gumroad. I’ve noticed it popping up quite often on Twitter as of late!

    1. I am sure you could easily create some pet care guides or other helpful pet related guides. It would be great to be able to share your wealth of knowledge with your readers! Thanks for commenting!

    1. I think everyone would enjoy earning a bit more from their blogs! There are so many ways to make a blog profitable. Thank you for reading and I hope your blog starts growing even more revenue!

  2. I recently switched from Adsense to Ezoic (in fact I think it might have been you who recommended Ezoic to me) and I’ve been seeing much higher earnings, which I’m really happy about! I’m hoping to create some products to sell on Gumroad in the future xx

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