14 thoughts on “How To Grow On Pinterest The Right Way”

  1. Great job Shyla. Like LinkedIn, Pinterest gets the short end of the blogging shaft with my campaign. But I need to double down and follow your tips because even casually Pinning my eBooks gives me some juice as far as exposure.

    All it takes is some mindfulness and clarity, of course. I learned how setting up any old board does not work. But getting clear on setting up a board covering a tight niche works wonders as far as targeting.


  2. this is so useful! I am someone who loves instant gratification so a lack of Pinterest success is so disheartening. I would love nothing more than to get good at it and these tips have helped so much to get started in the right direction! Thanks so much!

    1. My goal is to make my guide more accessible for others. Thanks for checking out my post and hope you gained some new incite!

  3. I’ve pretty much given up on Pinterest, no matter what I do my stats don’t change and a single pin that I just randomly added one day is the majority of all my traffic and stats

  4. Had to read this one. I often wondered how to do keywords on pinterest. That part I learnt to type in a word and then see options like that in Google. And to check for trends too. So will use that. The viral pin example you gave just blew my mind!!!! Woah!! I can’t even imagine. Thanks for helping out. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  5. I hope you get it sorted. Pinterest is so helpful but I feel like everyone has their own journey with it although everyone is fundamentally doing the same things. Keep up the effort and I’m sure you will see results!

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