5 Best Tools For Working With Resin Like A Professional

Resin is an amazingly fun and versatile form of art. Many people are taking to this craft because it is fundamentally simple and easy to get started with. However, there are some great tools that will help you to get off to an even better start. Let’s take a look!

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1. Respirator

This is one of the first tools you should purchase if you are going to be working with resin regularly. Some people are unaware that resin is toxic and the fumes are poisonous. Taking proper precaution is the best and safest way to to work with resin.

Respirator and goggle combo

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2. Gloves

Hands down one of the most important resin tools you are going to want when getting started is gloves. When I started working with resin I underestimated the stickiness and didn’t use them. Resin is an absolute pain to wash off of your hands.

For that reason, I highly recommend blue Nitrile gloves. No matter how careful you are, you will probably get resin on your hands somehow. Be prepared with the proper gloves!

nitrile gloves

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3. Popsicle Sticks

When it comes to stirring and mixing your resin I highly recommend a good quality popsicle stick. Make sure the stick isn’t wavy, but a simple straight popsicle stick. The main reason is because when mixing resin even missing a little bit on the side of your mixing container can cause your resin to not mix properly.

I’ve learned that when you think you’ve mixed the resin enough, mix it some more. Popsicle sticks make it so much easier to scrape the sides of the container and make sure that everything is mixed evenly. Recently I’ve been using reusable silicone popsicle sticks to reduce waste.

silicone brushes and popsicle stick

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4. Heat Gun

This is an absolute necessity when it comes to working with resin. If you’ve ever made a piece of resin artwork you know that an unsightly bubble can ruin the entire piece. Or even hundreds of tiny bubbles. Using a heat gun briefly on your resin projects can reduce or eliminate the vast majority, if not all of the bubbles that occur.

heat gun tool

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5. Sander

If you want your resin projects to truly shine and look their best you are going to need to invest in a sander. If you will mainly be working on smaller projects I highly recommend a mini hand sander. It makes your works of art look so much more beautiful when the rough and sharp edges are gone.

*Use proper safety precautions when operating a sander of course. Be sure to read the directions and follow instructions.*

mini sander for projects

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It Pays To Have The Right Tools For The Job

Having the right tools to work with resin will save you some heartache. All of these tools will have you best prepared for working with resin just like a professional in no time! Feel free to share your latest resin project by email. Send it directly to [email protected] and it may just get featured on the website in the future!

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12 thoughts on “5 Best Tools For Working With Resin Like A Professional”

  1. My love of TikTok has led me to a fascination with the art of working with resin. There are so many creators on there showing their different projects – it has me thinking about how much fun it would be to make some myself! That being said, this is super helpful. Now I can make sure that I have all of the tools here on hand before getting started so that I start on the right foot!

    1. I love watching resin crafting on Tik Tok! You are not alone. It is so satisfying. Resin is so much fun to work with but these tools are things I wish I had known about before I started. Thanks for reading!

  2. It is so much fun and really relaxing to work with. Especially with the proper gear 🙂 Thank you for reading! I hope you get to try it sometime!

  3. I have never tried to do anything with racing but watched a lot of videos of people making things and the outcomes are pretty impressive.

    1. I have seen some pretty impressive works of art myself. I find them quite inspiring! I am hoping I get to work on a large project in the near future and hopefully do more tutorials for everyone! Thanks for reading!

  4. I’ve often worked with resin on my undergraduate and postgraduate degree and it’s super nasty stuff and wearing a mask is so important! These are some great tips x

    1. Thank you for reading Kayleigh! It certainly is nasty stuff. The smell of some resins will literally take your breath away. I can’t wait to have a more outdoorsy workshop!

    1. Yes I had never really heard of resin art until recent years. I got into it and I really love it. It can become an expensive hobby, but well worth it!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to read and share this post with your friends. I really appreciate it! I used to never consider myself to be crafty, but then one day it just hit me that I love to craft. I think everyone has their own hidden talent! Have a great day!

  6. I really want to do crafts with Resin. I’m into art. But I live in Ethiopia. We don’t have all the materials here. Is there anyway I could get them? Thank you.

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