How To Make Beautiful Resin Succulent Plants Without A Green Thumb

how to make beautiful resin succulent plants without a green thumb

Want to learn how to make beautiful resin succulent plants that you never have to water or care for? These resin succulents are so adorable and are easy as pie to make yourself! Impress your friends and family with these deceivingly realistic resin succulents that you don’t even need a green thumb to grow!

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Getting Started

For this resin craft you are going to need just a few simple things to work with.

  • Silicone Succulent Molds
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Colorant (Mica Powder)

Which Resin To Use?

I specifically used Alumilite’s Clear Casting Resin for this project.

Let me tell you, this resin dries so much quicker than other resins I’ve tried. It is nice and thick and dries nice and hard too!

Get Alumilite Clear Cast Resin Right Now On Amazon

Which Molds To Use?

Next, you will need high quality succulent molds.

What I’ve found is that for this mold you are going to want a silicone that isn’t rigid. After reading multiple reviews I found a set of molds that others really enjoyed.

This mold is nice and squishy so it is super easy to take the succulents from the mold without harming them.

Get this succulent plant mold from Amazon right now.

Which Colorant To Use?

Finally you are going to need a good colorant for your resin succulents. I really loved mica powder for this project rather than a liquid colorant.

It is totally up to you because there are so many creative way to color these. I went with a semi-realistic color scheme. Greens and blues mainly.

Grab a mica powder set right now on Amazon.

Mix The Resin In A Reusable/Disposable Measuring Cup

The first thing I did after preparing all of my necessary items is mix the resin in a large reusable silicone measuring cup.

You may have a plastic or paper disposable one on hand, but whatever works. I mixed about 80ml of clear resin to begin with.

Then I divided that resin into paper dixie cups and added a sprinkle of mica powder to each.

This way you can have multiple colors.

Pour The Colored Resin Into The Molds

Carefully pour your resin colors into the molds. Mix and match the colors if you like or go with more realistic solid colors.

I chose teal and kiwi colored mica. I think the teal turned out beautifully.

Use a heat gun to pop any surface bubbles and then allow the succulent molds to cure for up to 24 hours.

This is usually my procedure for most resins, but I noticed the Alumilite resin cured much quicker.

Demold your beautiful succulent resin plants once they’ve hardened/cured properly.

Aren’t they so beautiful? I was so impressed with the detail because just by looking at the mold you couldn’t tell how intricate they were.

Create A Pot For Your Beautiful Resin Succulent Plants

You can’t have these darling succulent plants without an adorable pot to go with it.

First you will need molds large enough to hold the plants themselves.

I found these container molds that made perfect pots.

Grab silicone container molds right now on Amazon.

For these, my daughter and I mixed rose gold foil flakes into some clear resin and poured it into the center of the container until it was filled nicely.

We also opted to add clay polymer flowers for a sweet touch!

Once the resin pot had cured we demolded it and filled it with blue vase filler gems.

You could choose sand, dirt, or layer gravel as an alternative if you like.

I chose to top my pot off with reindeer moss.

The Final Result

These resin succulent plants turned out beautifully and realistic! I was surprised because of how shiny the mica colors were, but they looked so nice!

I’ve found that these really liven up a room and look so vivid and alive. Use them to decorate your living space, dorm, or tables.

I think they put off a really wonderful Spring vibe that I’m sure many of us are longing for after enduring the Winter months.

Let me know how your own beautiful resin succulent plants turn out!

Feel free to comment or share pictures if you try this craft at home! I look forward to sharing a new craft with you next week!

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Beautiful Resin Succulent Plants Without A Green Thumb”

    1. I hope you get a chance to try these! The sky is the limit as far as creativity goes. You could make them crazy colors or stick to a realistic feel. I do want to try a few more wacky designs. Thank you for reading and commenting! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  1. These are all so beautiful! I have seen multiple photos online of (real) black succulents but haven’t been able to find any locally here (or from a vendor that is able to ship them into my area). I’m sure that it would be A LOT easier to get my hands on a resin one – whether I made it or paid someone crafty to do it for me! I’ll be honest, the idea of a resin succulent never crossed my mind!!

    1. Yes sounds like it would be much easier to make than locate lol. I love real succulent plants, but these are even less effort than the real thing! Anyway, thank you for the kind comment and for reading as always!

  2. This is a beautiful alternative to living plants – I love the accessible, step-by-step explanation and I love the idea of making my own plants instead of trying to keep succulents alive (which I never seem to be able to do!)

    1. Absolutely! While I love real plants I just don’t always have the time to tend to them. For my busy life these are perfect right now. I am glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much for reading!

    1. This definitely would be a great alternative to live plants. Perfect for those that have trouble growing things indoors! Like myself!

  3. This is genuinely a really cute idea! It also looks quite simple and like something that I would be able to manage without adult supervision x

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