Fun Christmas Crafts & Tips On How To Be More Crafty

Christmas is a time to enjoy your family and make lasting memories. If you’re looking for a little bit of crafty inspiration for this holiday season, check out this short list of Christmas crafts you need to try! If you’re wanting to earn a little extra cash during the holiday season, you can make crafts similar to these to sell online to friends, relatives, or even coworkers!

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Christmas Resin Coaster

  • Resin kit (to unleash your inner artist)
  • Silicone coaster mold (for shaping your masterpiece)
  • Glitter (optional for a touch of magic)
  • Acrylic paint (optional for adding your unique flair)

String Christmas Trees

  • Green string or yarn (to bring nature indoors)
  • Cardboard or foam cone (the base for your festive forest)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (your trusty crafting companions)
  • Assorted decorative beads or ornaments (for a sparkling finish)

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

  • Mason jar lids (repurposed for holiday cheer)
  • Assorted decorative materials (e.g., fabric scraps, ribbon, buttons, glitter, small ornaments) (to add your personal touch)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (for sticking it all together)
  • Twine or ribbon for hanging (to showcase your creations)

Ribbon Ornaments

  • Assorted ribbons (various colors, patterns, and widths) (to add elegance)
  • Wire ornament hooks or small craft wire (for hanging with ease)
  • Scissors (for precise cutting)
  • Optional: beads, bells, or other embellishments (for extra festive flair)

Getting Crafty During Christmas

Crafting with an Open Mind

  • Various crafting materials based on chosen projects (the building blocks of your creativity)
  • Willingness to experiment and try new things (the adventurous spirit of a true crafter)

Embracing Imperfection

  • Understanding that crafting is a creative process, not a perfection contest (the beauty of handmade art)
  • Patience and willingness to learn from mistakes (the journey of growth and discovery)

Crafting as Art

  • Creativity and imagination (the heart and soul of your creations)
  • Enjoyment of the process and expression through crafting (the joy of bringing ideas to life)

Try Having Fun With It

When I first started making crafts, I did it out of fun and enjoyment. I made things I wanted to make and used materials I thought would work well.

Over time I began to feel burdened by all of the work. Keeping up with expectations to “be the most crafty”. I lost sight of why I loved crafting so much in the first place. The sense of freedom to create and have fun.

Instead of approaching the holiday/Christmas season feeling pressured to make things, try having fun with it instead! Chances are you will make much more impressive works of art this way.

If you have kids, get them involved in the crafts as well!

Have A Christmas Craft Night

Gather all of your scraps, paper, fabric, and glitter! Bring the family and make it special. Make some hot cocoa (or hot chocolate bombs) and start making whatever comes to mind.

It can be as simple as making paper ornaments or festive shirts with a Cricut Easy Press.

Pick Up A New Hobby!

I used to think that I wasn’t good at anything in particular. I never had a special skill or felt artistic. Then as I got older I decided to try a LOT of things.

I tried a ton of different craft hobbies until I found some that I really liked. Now I find myself in love with resin crafts and anything that has to do with Cricut.

Don’t Forget The Christmas Spirit

Whether you’re going to make Christmas crafts this year or not, I hope you can stay positive. Many people are going through tough times and definitely aren’t going to have the Christmas or holidays they hoped for.

Be sure to donate to charity if you have something to spare or pay it forward in other ways. There are so many less fortunate people out there.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy this holiday season. Also feel free to email any amazing crafts you come up with to [email protected] for chance to be featured!

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