Fun Christmas Crafts & Tips On How To Be More Crafty

Christmas is a time to enjoy your family and make lasting memories. If you’re looking for a little bit of crafty inspiration for this holiday season then check out this short list of Christmas crafts you need to try! If you’re wanting to earn a little extra cash during the holiday season as well you can make crafts similar to these to sell online to friends, relatives, or even coworkers!

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Christmas Resin Coaster

The first craft I recommend is a Christmas themed resin coaster. These are so easy to make and resin really is very easy to work with once you understand it. I have the full tutorial on how to make your very own one of these.

You can make yours however you want. I used what I had on hand at the time and it turned out so cute!

Here is another great Christmas/holiday themed peppermint resin coaster by countrypeony.

String Christmas Trees

Check out this beautiful idea from TheMakeYourOwnZone! Beautiful Christmas trees made simply from string. This craft is so easy to do and it yields lovely decorative trees that you can use around the house during the holiday season.

Isn’t this idea brilliant?

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

This is so incredibly simple and many of us already have mason jars around the house. I’ve seen a lot of crafts using mason jar lids lately, but this is by far the best Christmas ornament craft that uses them.

I feel inspired by this craft to make my very own using what I have in my craft bin. This particular craft is made by designimprovised.

Ribbon Ornaments

I find these to be so beautiful and elegant. They would look so lovely on any Christmas tree! This pretty Christmas craft was curated by hometalk.

How To Get Crafty During Christmas

Do you find yourself feeling like a crafty type or not so much? The trick is to approach crafting with an open mind and not to let yourself feel pressured.

Thinking that you’re going to make something the exact way that someone else did on Pinterest or that it is going to be perfect every single time is irrational.

Christmas Crafts - Sewn Christmas Tree

That doesn’t mean your crafts won’t turn out perfectly, but you should understand that crafts are a form of art. They are open to interpretation. Your take on a craft is just as important as the craft itself.

Try Having Fun With It

When I started making crafts at first, I was doing it out of fun and enjoyment. I made things that I wanted to make and used materials that I thought would work well.

Over time I began to feel burdened by all of the work. Keeping up with expectations to “be the most crafty”. I lost sight of why I love crafting so much in the first place. The sense of freedom to create and have fun.

Kids Celebrating With Christmas Crafts

Instead of approaching the holiday/Christmas season feeling pressured to make things, try having fun with it instead! Chances are you will make much more impressive works of art this way.

If you have kids, get them involved in the crafts as well!

Have A Christmas Craft Night

Gather all of your scraps, paper, fabric, and glitter! Bring the family and make it special. Make some hot cocoa (or hot chocolate bombs) and start making whatever comes to mind.

It can be as simple as paper ornaments or making festive shirts with a Cricut Easy Press.

Pick Up A New Hobby!

With lots of cold days ahead and spending time indoors due to Covid, what better time than the holidays to pick up a new hobby?

I used to think that I wasn’t really good at anything in particular. I never had a special skill or felt artistic. Then as I got older I decided to just try a LOT of things.

I tried a ton of different craft hobbies until I found one that I really liked. Believe me, I had never considered myself the “Martha Stewart” type.

Now I find myself in love with resin crafts and anything that has to do with Cricut.

Check Out These Ornaments Made Using Cricut!

You can make things like this and so much more with a Cricut machine and honestly you don’t have to be some kind of crafty guru to use one. Just plug it in, open up the Cricut Design Space and start designing!

Buy some gorgeous holiday themed vinyl and you are good to go. People will be wondering how you made such amazing things.

I just love these ornaments by DaydreamIntoReality.

Get a Cricut Machine On Amazon Right Now

Don’t Forget The Christmas Spirit

Regardless of if you’re going to make Christmas crafts this year or not, I hope you are able to stay positive. Many people are going through tough times and definitely aren’t going to have the Christmas or holidays they hoped for.

Be sure to donate to charity if you have something to spare or pay it forward in other ways. There are so many less fortunate people out there.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy this holiday season. Also feel free to email any amazing crafts you come up with to [email protected] for chance to be featured!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Christmas Crafts & Tips On How To Be More Crafty”

  1. These are some great ideas. I decided to make my own Yule wreath this year for the first time, but I started from the bare bones… We have a bunch of vines that we have to cut back each year (or they will overpower our shed roof and destroy it). Rather than just throwing them aside this year, I took them and made my own vine wreath. When that was done, I then decorated it and am SO happy with how it turned out.

  2. I loved being crafty at Christmas as a kid. We used to make tree ornaments and bring them home – I’m sure they were hideous but I loved getting them back out every year!


  3. I’ve been planning to make some homemade decorations for the Christmas tree this year so this has given me some ideas! I especially love the string Christmas trees and the ribbon ornaments and I think I already have the materials needed to make them! xx

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