How Much Money Can You Make At Craft Fairs

how much money can you make at craft fairs

Are you curious about crafting for an income? Many people do well with their craft side hustles, but what about craft fairs? How much money can you make at craft fairs? Craft fairs are organized events designed for individuals and artists to showcase their goods for others to buy. These events can yield many opportunities as well as earnings. In this blog post, I’ll explain how much money you can make at craft fairs and how you can do well with a craft fair in general.

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Two Things Before We Get Started!

  1. Your success at a craft fair will depend on several key factors. I will explain them to you as we go forward.
  2. There is no exact figure for how much money you can make at craft fairs, but there are some general guidelines and information I will try to share with you as well.

The Important Factors To Consider.

Here I will detail some of the critical factors that contribute to your overall earnings regarding craft fairs.


Small Venues

How much money can you make at craft fairs with a small venue?

The venue of the craft fair is one of the vital essential factors determining how much money you can make. If you are at a small local craft fair, you will have fewer visitors to work with. Small craft fairs are a great place to start for your initial show because they will help you gauge and understand how a proper craft fair functions, what fees to expect, and more.

Let’s review key points about small venues.

  • You will typically make less at small venues. Some crafters report $200-$500 per day.
  • Small venues are great places to start learning about craft fairs.
  • Ensure you have power access (outlets for electronics, charging phones, etc.)
  • Atmosphere, the overall look and appeal of the venue are essential for both customers and yourself.
  • Safety. Ensure there is decent security and a safe feel to your craft venue.

Large Venues

How much money can you make at craft fairs with a large venue?

Large venues are usually held in extensive well-connected inner city areas with many amenities and facilities. Large venues are spacious, with plenty of room for craft vendors and more. Large venues are designed to be accessible and usually have much more staffing and security. The cost to participate in a large venue is much more than that of a small venue.

Here are the critical points about large venues.

  • Some crafters report earning thousands of dollars while others only a few hundred, and some at a total loss.
  • Large venues cost much more to operate; therefore, you will pay more to attend and have a space for your shop.
  • You must adjust your prices to cover the cost of the materials and earn a profit.
  • You will have more opportunities for customers but more competition as well.


How much money can you make at craft fairs? Well, it also depends on your demographics. Who is going to buy your product? Do you know the type of person who enjoys your craft?

Demographics are important. For example, if you are at a rural farm-based craft show with primarily older people, they may not want to buy your custom I-phone covers. If you are at a craft show with primarily teens and young adults, they may not want your knitted table doilies.

The point is you need to consider your audience. Of course, you can’t please every single customer, but it’s good to have an idea going forward of who will be at your chosen venue.

If you want something that pleases all demographics, you may want to consider a craft geared toward everyone. That brings me to choosing your product.

What products should you sell at craft fairs?

Disclaimer. There are no absolutes when it comes to craft fairs.

However, some craft products are known to sell better than others. So what are they?

  • Jewelry – Jewelry is an ever-popular craft that sells well all of the time, and many people, regardless of age, are willing to buy lovely jewelry. Jewelry is an excellent option if you have an innovative and beautiful design. You can make jewelry from resin, beads, and more.
  • Resin Crafts– Resin crafts have grown in popularity over the last few years. It is relatively easy to use with silicone molds to make incredible things.
  • Body/Self-Care Products – Organic soaps, lotions, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and similar items generally sell well.
  • Candles – Most people tend to love candles. It could be considered an evergreen craft. If you have a unique idea for candles or can market them well, you can get a piece of a lucrative industry that has been selling well for years.

I have plenty of resources to help you with candlemaking in this blog post!

The ultimate guide to making money selling candles

  • Home Decor – Home decor items are likely to be popular, especially if you keep up to date with popular trends.


It’s a common question among artisans and craft enthusiasts: ‘How much money can you make at craft fairs?'”, but you have to stop and think of the customer.

Your customer is the one that ultimately will decide how much money you make so creating an appealing craft kiosk for them to visit is essential.

  • Make decorative signs that describe your product and appeal to the eye.
  • Set up your displays in a way that makes your product stand out.
  • Dress for the part and appear professional. It can be as simple as wearing a t-shirt with the name of your product or a picture.
  • Have a good pitch to your customers or even a memorable slogan.


The final piece of the puzzle regarding finding out how much money you can make at craft fairs is marketing. This goes hand and hand with appearance.

You can have a kiosk/craft stand that looks amazing, but if your marketing is all wrong, you may never actually make a sale.

How do you do good marketing?

  • Make professional business cards and packaging for your product. This can be as simple as a gift bag with tissue paper.
  • Listen to the desires of your customers. What do they want to see more of or less of?
  • Create promotions or deals. Such as buy one get one free or half off. Customers love discounts and bargains!
  • Be a good spokesperson for your brand and product. You are the face of your craft, so do your best to make a positive impact on customers looking to buy.

The Takeaway

How much money can you make at craft fairs? The answer is that you can make anywhere from zero to a few thousand dollars.

However, if your product is up to par, you have the right venue, and your marketing is on point, you should at least make a few hundred dollars in revenue.

Ultimately there are many variables, but remember that making sales while important is not the only thing you can stand to gain from a craft fair.

Instead of asking, “How much money can you make at craft fairs?” think about how much the experience is worth. You will gain a working knowledge of how a craft fair operates, learn whether or not your product sells, and you can figure out how to be more effective at selling your product in the future.

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Happy crafting and good luck at your next craft fair!

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